Picture Post

A few recent photos – but first:     28 ice cream free days!!!! 😉

The busted sprinkler head is obviously  not the only problem with this baseball field. The grass in the fields in the background is much healthier.

Ominous view from my back yard.  I’ve rarely seen clouds hanging so low.

Terrific Chinese restaurant chain – super yummy grub!

Big pot – Small plant


Where I usually attend my annual Halloween movie – 24 screens.  The reason it looks like hardly anyone is here to see a movie is because this area is reserved for valet parking.



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2 responses to “Picture Post

  1. Sethboyardee

    You’ve got some good work going, coming from a fellow kind-amateur photo person.

    The one of the clouds from your back view – great shot – brings to mind one “rule” that photographers are usually taught, which is the “rule of thirds” – basically used for landscapes so that you don’t center the horizon directly in the middle of the frame. In other words, don’t be afraid to try and capture a lot more of the sky (especially with that sky!!) and have the ground lower in the frame, or vice versa capture alot more of the foreground (the lake) in the frame, putting the horizon higher up in the image. Just a thought.


    • Ed

      Thanks for the critique.

      I seem to spend more thought on cropping than I do with any other editing, and Photoshop CS5 is kind enough to provide a grid for the “rule of thirds”. In the ominous clouds pic I was thinking I wanted to show a lot of the reflection on the water. But looking at it now I see it didn’t work too well.

      Anyway, I have a ball taking pics, but I doubt I’ll ever be an Ansel Adams. Heehee…….

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