Why I Won’t Go Home

Rochester, New York ……… my home.

I was born there.  I went to school there, from kindergarten through university.  I began my career in Government service there.  Almost every person I love or care about lives there or relatively nearby.  It’s a wonderful city.  It’s a beautiful city.  It has all the elements and attractions of a big city, while still having a small town charm.  It consistently shows up high in published ratings of American cities in such areas as low crime rate, high educational achievement of population, easy commuting, good schools, affordable housing, best places to bring up children, etc.

I love Rochester.  I miss it terribly and I miss being near to the ones I love. I dream of being there.  But I won’t go back, except to visit.  Why?  Check out this video I found in YouTube.

From December through at least mid-March it is fit for neither man nor beast.  Well, with the exceptions of polar bears and Eskimos, maybe.  😦

I can recall one entire February when I was still in school in which the temperature never rose above 10° F (approx. -12° C).  I thought that the whole world had frozen up and died.  I began to wonder whatever possessed man to build a city in such a God-forsaken part of the world.  I began to seriously question my memories of having walked about in shorts and a T-shirt, or gone to the lake for a swim – as if they were just fantasies of my frozen mind.

On every one of the very last ten work days that I lived in that area I had to unbury my car, shovel my four car length driveway in order to be able to get onto the street, and heat up the frozen car door lock so I could put my key in and turn it – then pray that the car would start, which thankfully after some complaint always did.

It is true that late Spring, Summer, and early Autumn are delightful but that in no way offsets the hell of winter in Northeast USA!  So, except for occasional visits home in July or August, I will spend the remainder of my days in the warmth and sunshine of Florida.


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2 responses to “Why I Won’t Go Home

  1. naturgesetz

    Here on the coast, we don’t get the sustained deep freeze of places like Rochester. But it can still be quite unpleasant. And spring comes more slowly than inland. I’m still too involved in things here, and I don’t want the hassle of moving. But I’m sure that I’d enjoy the warmer climate.

    • Ed

      Rochester is also on the coast of a large body of water and should enjoy the same moderating effects you guys experience, but those #@%$# Canadians mess things up big time. They repeatedly send brutally frigid air masses south, over Lake Ontario, which pick up moisture from the lake and deposit it on Rochester and the rest of the lake’s southern shore in the form of snow to go along with the Arctic temperature.

      Personally, I believe that to be a much greater justification for war than a mere suspicion of the presence of WMDs – don’t ya think? 😕

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