Fishie Flick

Back in June when I went to the Miami Seaquarium I made some videos of the fish in their huge aquarium tank.  Looking through the very same windows as I had way back in 1967 was weird – a real dejà vu experience.  I had a strange feeling that if I looked to my side I would see my parents or other visitors I had taken to the Seaquarium over 40 years ago.  Those were not the same  fishies I had watched back then, though.   😆

I made five very short videos from five different windows, using my new Flip video camera.  I was very pleased with the picture quality but was disappointed by all the noise from people talking.

Today I decided to put the five videos together using Windows Movie Maker and substitute music for the noisy people.  My music selection was not a very good match for the video, but it was the exact length.  I had to lower the resolution some for upload because the file was so large, so it is not quite as sharp when viewed full screen, but still looks good.  But maybe it is just because I have a 23 inch monitor.

Music is:   Melodia sur le fil – Yann Tierson




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2 responses to “Fishie Flick

  1. I’m not that turned on by gazing at fish as a rule but I found your video to be strangely relaxing – just like ‘they’ say fish-gazing should be!

    I did find it a relief when it stopped being unremittingly green!

    Well done! It looked fine to me, anyway.

    • Ed

      Heehee….. It also looked rather green in real life, but not so pronounced as in the video. I did capture a few frames from the video and made some color corrections with Photoshop which are easier to look at. I put two of them on my Flickr site.

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