Picture Post

A few photos taken yesterday:

I saw this street sign on the way home the other day.  South Florida cities love to name streets after famous people, but do not interfere with the numerical grid method of naming streets.  Thus the streets have two names.  We the people, though continue to only refer to the streets by their numbers.

I imagine this is an albino peacock (or peahen) which is absent  a huge fan shaped tail.  I don’t know much about these birds.  Maybe the females don’t have those fancy tails.  I saw him/her while roaming around Flamingo Gardens yesterday.

Is this a weird looking flower, or what?  Also found at Flamingo Gardens.

I know the composition sucks, but for some reason I like this.  It looks much better enlarged.

A fairly lousy photo, but I love the colors.  It looks a lot better to me after playing with it in Photoshop – especially on 2nd left-click..


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