Picture Post

Words refused to leap from my fingers to the keyboard again today.  Thus, another picture post.

A flamingo at Flamingo Gardens.

Bird in tree in my back yard.

This kitty lives at Flamingo Gardens.  Has to be Kitty Heaven on Earth – with thousands of birds around to be chased.

The New River in Ft. Lauderdale.

Taken a few months ago when my car (white one on the right) was still relatively clean on the exterior.  First non natural car wash still months away.


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  1. ‘A picture saves a thousand words’

    My friend Sethboyardee http://sethboyardee.blogspot.com/ mentioned you in his blog – which is how I found out about your splendid blog! I’ve added your blog to my blog list so that, hopefully, others may find you too!

    You can find out all about me/us by clicking on my Profile and reading some of the earliest bits of my blog. I have a couple of other blogs too – and they’re linked at the top of the sidebar on It’s Getting Better.

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