My Front Door

Saturday, I painted my front door.  Now, you may consider that rather un-newsworthy, but for me it is quite an accomplishment.

As I’ve written before, despite being a male of the species I am not a do-it-yourself-er.  I am neither competent in such endeavors nor the least bit interested.  I could live a lifetime without ever entering  a hardware store and not feel that I have missed something.

Thus, whenever I do something “macho” around the house I half expect local Channel 10’s Eyewitness News to send out a camera crew and an interviewer.  Absent that I guess I’ll have to resort to self reporting in cyberspace.

About five years ago I had decided that my front door was in pretty bad shape.  However, when I told my next door neighbor that I was going to get a new door he told me that it was a very good door, that all it needed was a coat of that polyurethane paint stuff.  I said: “Ya think?”  And he responded: “Yeah, I think.”  So, I bought a can and a paint brush at Home Depot and did the deed.  I painted both the inside and outside.  Gloriowski!  It looked fabulous – and I had saved myself several hundred dollars!

Well, time and the elements had done quite a job on the outside of my door in the past five years.  It looked pretty bad.  The glossy look and dark color had vanished.  The inside still looked fresh painted.  I decided to repaint.  And after putting off the actual deed for several months I finally did the job Saturday.  It took less than a half hour!

So ……….  Ta Da!  ……….    Here it is!   😀

I suppose the next thing here will be to replace the door knob and dead bolt.  The bright shiny gold look is no more.  Maybe in a few months!



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2 responses to “My Front Door

  1. Oh Brilliant! Will you come and do ours, please?

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