Macho Man

I fear that yesterday’s post may have given the impression that I have no “macho man” gene because I lack DIY aptitude and have no problem passing hardware stores.

Well, let me just say this:  Au Contraire, mes amis!

  • I have an uncontrollable urge to obtain the latest tech toys.
  • When on the highway I don’t want any car in front of me.
  • I can wield a TV remote with the best of them.
  • I can bounce the ball and throw it into the hoop – and set a pick that will make you think you had run into a brick wall – and when I want to go to the hoop I will lower my shoulder and take off, if you want to get in my way, well that’s your problem.
  • I can (and often do) watch American College Football on the tube from noon to midnight (and longer if there is still a game on).
  • In the 2/3rds of my life spent living in Northern Climes I have shoveled an accumulated volume of snow that likely would reach the height of Mont Blanc – and I never wore a hat!  😉
  • I am a  member in good standing of the “Grin and Bear It” and “You Gotta Play With the Little Hurts” clubs.  I recently checked the bottle of aspirin in my medicine cabinet and found the expiration date was four years ago.
  • Although it pains  me to see another person hurt and bleeding, I can watch my own blood flowing and feel nothing but annoyance over the inattention that caused it and  the inconvenience that will follow.

Well, I could go on indefinitely, but I believe I’ve made my point!



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4 responses to “Macho Man

  1. naturgesetz

    Macho indeed!

    “When on the highway I don’t want any car in front of me.
    I can wield a TV remote with the best of them.”
    pretty much apply to me (although I rarely watch TV except for the Red Sox), the others don’t.
    I’m not interested in technological gadgetry.
    I don’t really care about sports, whether it’s professional sports other than the Red Sox, professional “sports” like wrestling, hockey, and driving cars, or college sports (at least they are usually a purer version of the game than the professional, but what do I care about Auburn or Boise State). OTOH if I walk into a room and there is a baseball, basketball, or hockey game on a TV, I can get fascinated. I used to also be susceptible to football, but now I just don’t care about it (unless it’s very late in the game).
    I think I’d seek treatment for severe pain or unstoppable blood flow.

    • Ed

      Well of course the “macho gene” manifests itself in myriad and splendiferous ways. One needn’t have to have feelings for Boise State in order to qualify – nor even for the Red Sox, as a matter of fact! Heeheehee…..

  2. I build scenery on our model railway while Pete does the wiring.

    I cook and clean and wash clothes for him while he supports me by going out to work.

    I organise things and plan and generally get him out of the house as often as possible because he doesn’t.

    The only sport either of us watches is snooker – which I am addicted to but he is certainly not.

    He will channel hope because his attention span is short – I’ll look up what the programmes are and switch on specifically for any that interest.

    Pete mows the lawn and trims the creepers. I clean up after the dog and do the weeding.

    What is ‘macho’ anyway? Is it the same as bull-headed?

    • Ed

      Ha ha …… “Bull-headed’ is good, but “Neanderthal” is probably closer.

      My post was obviously “tongue in cheek”. In truth, it angers me that anyone would consider me lesser a man because I don’t know which end of a screw driver to use. Arbitrary notions of what is “masculine” or “feminine” offend me.

      I’m proud that I am not a “macho man”. I have never been in a fight; I would much prefer to watch a “chick flick” than Nightmare on Elm Street; I can whip up a mean bread pudding; and I would much rather read a book than fire a rifle at an innocent deer.

      Seems to me that you two have worked out a pretty good arrangement.

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