Black Friday

Black Friday – the official opening of the Christmas Shopping Season.

The Friday after Thanksgiving Day is the busiest shopping day of the year.  Unbelievable bargains and unbelievable mobs of crazed shoppers make for utter madness at every store and every shopping center and mall.  A madness that I have never experienced – and never will.  Not even the prospect of $300.00 off on the 50-inch HDTV I want to get for my front room will tempt me!

Every store opens early, some even at 4 AM, with mobs of deranged shoppers prepared to stampede the poor souls assigned to open the doors.  My nephew’s wife posted on Facebook at  6  AM this morning that she had already hit two stores and while she was preparing to enter a third, her hubby was in a line at Office Depot.  Bless her soul, I love her to death – she is ordinarily a real sweetheart, but I would not dare to get in her way this day.  I have been in her presence on another, but less wild, morning at 6 AM hitting the big day-after Christmas sales – it is not a pretty sight!

From now through after New Year’s Day I will not go to a mall or shopping center on weekends or in the evenings after 5 PM.  It is almost impossible to find a parking spot, its crowded and noisy – and  at every checkout station you will face apparently endless lines.  It is one of the great things about being retired – I can shop at 10 AM or 2 PM during the Christmas Season. It is still crowded but tolerable.

Here are my two newspapers’ Thursday editions (The Miami Herald and The South Florida Sun-Sentinel) stuffed with ads for Black Friday sales.delivered Thanksgiving morning.



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2 responses to “Black Friday

  1. We have these insane retail orgies too but ours are called New Year Sales and now start on Boxing Day.

    Why on earth do you guys need to use so much paper just for a daily paper? I hope you can recycle all that bumph.

    I suppose you have to put aside many hours each day to plough through them. I certainly know people who buy either a Saturday or Sunday broadsheet newspaper like those and it keeps them occupied all weekend.

    It is crazy though, isn’t it? I mean you can get most of it on the internet and there’s plenty of comment on the more intelligent and less extreme serious tv channels. Wouldn’t once a week be sufficient for a decent newspaper?

    • Ed

      Yes – You will probably be shocked, but we do recycle in the US! Each Wednesday morning I put out a bin with newspapers and another with glass, plastics and metals to be collected with ordinary trash pick up. There are also recycle stations sprinkled about, for those who do not have curb collection.

      Our normal daily newspapers are much smaller, 44 to 50 pages plus a few advertising inserts. But the Sunday and holiday issues are much like the ones I photographed.

      I, too, read a lot of news on the internet but I can’t break a lifetime habit. I grew up in a two newspaper family, and I felt deprived when I worked in a city which had only one. Besides, whatever would I do with my left hand at breakfast? Mornings my right hand feeds my face whilst the left holds the newspaper! 😉

      Incidentally, a few years ago an employee of a large store was actually trampled by the crazed mob of shoppers when he opened the doors – and ended up quite dead.

      Finally, I love the word “bumph”. I do hope that you won’t mind a Yank absorbing it into his vocabulary. 😀

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