On the Beach

I drove to Ft. Lauderdale last Tuesday and roamed the beach with my camera.  On the way back I turned my Flip video camera on aimed at the beach.

It was a beautiful day – temperature in the low 80s, with gentle breezes and plenty of fluffy clouds above to occasionally block the Sun’s hot rays.

What made my visit even more enjoyable was that it is still a few weeks before the start of the tourist season.   Traffic to and around the beach was light, and parking spaces were plentiful.  And the beach was virtually unpopulated, compared to what is to come.

The invasion of the “Snowbirds” will bring dramatic changes.  Severe traffic congestion will become the norm. Parking spaces will be hard to find.  Finding a spot to spread out a towel on the beach will also become difficult.  Waiting times at restaurants and cafés will be long.

There will be a lot of inconveniences for us residents, but tourism is our primary industry, providing lots of jobs.   They will mostly be all gone by Easter and life will return to normal.

Ft. Lauderdale’s beach is probably the best known of the many nice public beaches on the Southeast Florida coast, mainly because of the movie “Where the Boys Are”, made many years ago – but also because the city has not permitted any development on the ocean side of Route A1A, the ocean highway.  What you see in the below video stretches on for miles.



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2 responses to “On the Beach

  1. I’ve seen a scaled-down typical UK version of this out-of-season tourist destination phenomenon. The first was when, as a teenager, I used to volunteer on the Talyllyn Railway in North Wales where it was a buy holiday-maker scene from June to September particularly, but was dead a a dodo in the winter months.

    Similarly Pete and I can ‘hotelboats’ on our rivers and canals for several years and the contrast in usage in the warmer part of the year with the colder was again very noticeable.

    Of course you’ll be taking advantage of the lull before the storm by visiting your favourite places before the queues start!

    • Ed

      With 5.5 million people I can’t say that that it ever gets dead hereabouts, but there are still very noticeable differences with the arrival if the tourist season. Horrible traffic becomes HORRIBLE TRAFFIC, annoying waits and delays become ANNOYING WAITS AND DELAYS!

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