Today (Nov. 30) makes 54 days without ice cream! I feel now that I could  keep it up for the duration, but in a couple of weeks I am going to have to give in.  I will be coming up against a tradition.

I’m having another birthday; they seem to be coming up more and more rapidly.  And since I was a wee one birthday dinners have been accompanied by a fancy bakery-made birthday cake with lots of frosting flowers AND ice cream!  Even though I have been alone for years  😥  I still keep the tradition.  Thus, the ice cream fast will come to an end.  I hope that I will be able to handle ice cream in moderation thereafter.

One part of the tradition that I no longer follow is lighting candles on the cake – it has become a fire hazard!  😕


I’ve decided to make one more post  about the Kennedy assassination before leaving that morbid subject.  Following is a photo of a card with a penny which I’ve had for years.  It lists some amazing coincidences surrounding the assassinations of Presidents Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln almost a century apart.

I’m not into numerology but the names of the secretaries and vice presidents are downright eerie.  And in the interest of accuracy Booth hid in a barn, not a warehouse – although since you store stuff in a barn you might be able to make a stretch to ‘warehouse’.

Another strange thing about these two men not noted on the card is that starting with Lincoln and ending with Kennedy every American president who won a presidential election in a year ending with a zero died in office, either from natural causes or assassination.  Apparently Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter were not superstitious because they eagerly ran for the office in 1980.

I guess the primary lesson one can derive from the strange coincidences listed on the card is that truth can be stranger than fiction.


I jokingly listed several things in my macho man post to show that I do in fact have a macho man gene despite the fact that I am useless at, and uninterested in, anything requiring the use of tools.  I realized that one of my assertions, though absolutely true, needs clarification.  It gives an impression of me that no longer is accurate – an impression that is not at all positive.  While it is true that I do not like to have any car in front of me when I am driving on the highway, I have reached a degree of maturity such that I am now able to suppress the urge to pass everything in sight.

It is said that the way to get a mule’s attention is to smack it between the eyes with a 2×4.  Well, my “2×4” was three speeding tickets earned several decades ago – one in Virginia, one in Maryland and the other in New Mexico.  Three very un-nice things result from getting tickets.  One has to pay a fine, which is usually outrageously high.   One gets punished by his automotive insurance company for several years, in the form of large premium increases.  And, the violation earns points which, when accumulated to a certain level will lead to suspension of one’s driver’s license.

Thus, while I still have a tendency to drive too fast I have come to recognize that it is not wise to zoom along at 95 mph in a 70 mph zone.  I will keep it at 75 mph, sometimes 80 mph, depending on the traffic flow, however frustrating that may be!  😉

So, you needn’t worry about being on the same road as me.  Just get out of my way!  👿  ……………………………………………….  I’m kidding!



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2 responses to “Followups

  1. On birthday cakes – I agree that it’s a tradition which is well worth keeping. Pete and I try to do something about it each year, although the form varies.

    On Presidential assassinations – someone said there’s no such thing as coincidence. Since I am a subscriber to conspiracy theories I find it obvious that Kennedy was murdered by people who worked in the pay of those who disagreed with his politics most acutely. The way it was done bears enough similarities with Lincoln’s assassination that the method of Lincoln’s was probably used as the model for Kennedy. The likely conclusion of this observation is that Lincoln was murdered by (political) forces opposed to him also.

    On belligerence: it is clearly better to keep within the law and not have to pay the penalty for breaking it since that keeps one on the road and with more money in the bank. If I rode with you I would object if you habitually broke the speed limit – not because I don’t like to go fast coz I do – but because it seems to be a protest against the speed limit which is never going to be successful. There are far more useful things to protest about if one wants to buck the system a bit!

    Now – just don’t have too much ice cream at once and Happy Birthday for whenever it is!

  2. Ed

    With regard to the Lincoln assassination your conspiracy-ist self will be pleased to know that it was indeed a conspiracy aimed at the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary of State and the General Grant. They were successful only in regard to Lincoln; the Secretary of State was wounded, but survived. Booth was mortally shot and four of the other seven were hanged. All the conspirators were captured. The motive was simple – they were Southern sympathizers who thought that the acts would revive the war effort in the South, which was pretty much non-existent. The war was really over.

    I would much prefer to characterize myself behind the wheel as immature rather than belligerent. 😦 But seriously, in my defense, most American drivers (the males anyway) are contemptuous of established speed limits on our highways – especially the Interstate Highways. Those roads were designed for safe speeds far in excess of the posted limits. If one insisted on driving at exactly the limit, or less, he would be passed by virtually every other car on the road. In the de facto world, as opposed to the de jure, traffic develops a pace, and law enforcement concentrates on those who choose not to comply with it. On a road with a 70mph limit, traffic will generally flow at 75mph or 80mph, depending on the road and weather conditions. So, actually, I don’t consider myself as such a bad guy.

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