Picture Post

A few photos of the sky.  Every once in a while I look up and say: “Wow!”



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4 responses to “Picture Post

  1. During all those years I lived on a boat I did a lot of sky watching. Being a boat it made me much more conscious of weather, the season and nature in general.

    From the park when I take our dog I can see out up and across our valley and onto the tops opposite. That gives a decent canopy of sky to watch so I’m happy!

    Also the house faces west so we get sunrise from the kitchen window and sunset from the sitting room. Ideal!

    Great pictures – thanks!

    • Ed

      Yes, sky watching is awesome. Unfortunately, where I live I never get to see the canopy. Buildings block the view virtually any direction I look, except for straight up. And I am seldom anywhere but at home at sunrise or sunset, when the most spectacular views occur.

  2. Wow, wonderful pictures! I love each of them, especially the last one. 🙂

    • Ed

      Thanks! I keep promising myself that I will someday drive somewhere where I can capture unobstructed views of sunsets such as the great ones you have captured. I get to the west coast of Florida occasionally but always in daytime. I should spend a night in Naples or Ft. Myers and get some shots of the Sun going down over the Gulf of Mexico. I’m sure it often is spectacular.

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