My Weekend, Part 3

Sunday, I went to the Broward County Fair, which this year was held at the site of the proposed Pembroke Pines City Center.  But first – the location of the ball in yesterday’s test photo:

The story of our City Center is rather sad.  Although Pembroke Pines is the largest city in Broward County area-wise, and with over 150,000 residents, is second only to Ft. Lauderdale in population, it has no identifiable center city or downtown area.  So, about five years ago our city commission proposed the purchase of a large undeveloped area located on the main business road in the city, adjacent to the City Hall, which would be developed for that purpose under a proposed plan.  A $100 million bond issue was put on the city ballot and approved by city residents to provide for the land purchase and infrastructure.

The city had a master plan for hotels, office buildings, shopping,  restaurants, theaters, high rise condos, town houses and a new City Hall – plus they had lined up developers and businesses eager to participate.  The land was cleared, all the infrastructure completed, roads,streetlights,  electricity, water, sewers, telephone, cable etc, ……. and then the economy went into the toilet, all the players backed out and the project went poof!

The plan is going to happen eventually, when economic conditions improve, but in the meantime we have that huge area without one structure built on it.  It has been used only a few times for a Farmers’ Market, and this year it was determined to be the ideal site for the County Fair.  It is not much of a fair, though.  Fairs are popular primarily in rural areas, but Broward County is almost completely urban in its developed area.    The remaining space, everything beyond about 20 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, probably 75% of the county,  is part of the Everglades and development is not permitted.

I went to the fair early in the afternoon when it opened, , when there were few people around.  I generally avoid large crowds because I feel very lonely surrounded by thousands of strangers.  I get an odd feeling, as if I were invisible and incorporeal; that if I stood still people would be able to pass right through me.  I know, I’m kinda strange!  Anyway, I roamed around for about an hour and a half and took photos.  I’ve uploaded 31 to my Flickr site.

Here are a few:

I didn’t realize my reflection was in the window – my camera, arm, shoulder, cheek and ear.  Oh, and I just noticed part of my cargo shorts near the bottom right corner!  I love candy apples but they’re messy to eat.

The pouter.



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4 responses to “My Weekend, Part 3

  1. Yeah, a touring fair visits us in October each year but we don’t have animals. It’s just fast food and sweets (candy) with loads of rides to make you sick.

    Pete and I generally go to eye up the talent.

    • Ed

      Yes, and the aromas of all that food are so overwhelming. I was amazed and proud of myself that I was able to resist all those high calorie treats. I also avoided all the rides. Hmmm…. I neither ate anything nor tried a ride or rigged game. Why did I bother to go?

  2. mmm. candy apples

    i know your in-a-crowd-but-not-part-of-it feeling, but it’s a gloomy topic even for me and i try not to dwell on it. I actually find it easier being in a group (or a crowd) than being one on one or with only one or two people/


    • Ed

      I don’t like to admit it but I am the same. I never had the slightest difficulty dealing with individuals or groups in a business environment. I was always confident and felt in control. But put me in a social situation with the same persons or groups and I become very uncomfortable -even with friends. However, I am an accomplished actor. I don’t think others realize it.

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