Another Birthday

I am one day older than I was yesterday!

A bit earlier tonight, surrounded by ghosts from birthdays long past, I blew out a candle on my store bought cake, made a wish – cut an outrageously large wedge of pure yummy – and practically inhaled it along with a generous scoop of raspberry cone crunch ice cream.  I know it is kind of silly to do this but it is tradition.  Tomorrow I must definitely jog around the block a few times!

My ice cream fast ended after 67 days.  I’m actually quite proud of my self control.  I know that I could have gone ice cream-less indefinitely were it not for the absolute necessity of accompanying birthday cake with ice cream.  I believe it may be required by Federal Statute.   🙂    Now I am going to see if I can handle ice cream with moderation.  If not, I will have to consider giving it up again.

I put only one candle on the cake.  Imagine what it would have been like if I had attempted to use a candle for each year.  The heat would likely have been so intense by the time I was lighting the 50th that the other candles would be melting en masse along with the frosting – and it would singe my eyebrows!  Plus my smoke alarm would be screeching.

My wish?  I asked the birthday angel to make me 5 inches taller, 20 pounds lighter and 40 years younger …………….. OMG! OMG!  ……….. I told! Now it won’t come true!  I’ll have to wait ’til next year!   😕

Heehee…. I took the matter of the birthday wish custom quite seriously when I was little.  I remember putting much advance thought into it.  I remember also being concerned about being able to blow out all the candles in one breath to ensure that the wish would come true.

Oh well, God willing, tomorrow I will be one day older than I am today.  😀



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8 responses to “Another Birthday

  1. naturgesetz

    When we got beyond 12 or so, we developed the custom of having a tens group on one side of the cake, and a units group on the other. But eventually even that became too much. For people in the upper half of decades above the fifties, candles that are in the shape of numbers work best.
    Good luck with the ice cream.

    • Ed

      Yeah, numbers would surely do the trick! I’ll keep that in mind.
      Problem is that yesterday while in the Dollar Store I bought a carton of B-day candles for $1. I now have 79 left. At one per year I will run out in 2089!

  2. I wish you a very wonderful, ice-cream-filled, super-special HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    *Sethboyardee Special Birthday HUGS*


    • Ed

      Thanks, Seth
      My first birthday *hugs* in over two decades! 😆

      There are only 41 minutes left in my birthday. Time enough for a small cake/ice cream snack!

  3. naturgesetz

    And, in my excitement about candles, I nearly forgot.

    Although it’s been said many times, many ways,
    Happy Birthday to you.

  4. Hmmn I definitely approve of birthday cakes!

    I’d have champagne so I guess we can turn a blind eye to the fruity ice cream!

    Happy Birthday – again!

    • Ed

      I just love the taste of champagne but my system does not handle carbonation very well. I can’t get rid of the bubbles, so I rapidly get that horrible bloated feeling. I must make do with ice cream.

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