Excitement in the Neighborhood

A little after 9 PM yesterday I was reviewing a video on my Flip video camera when I both heard and felt the rumble of what was obviously a very large vehicle passing my house – and then I saw flashing lights through my mostly closed vertical blinds.

It had to be an emergency vehicle.  My first thought was that my 90 year old next door neighbor may have taken ill and called 911.  I went outside to find out.  Sure enough, it was a humongous fire rescue vehicle, about the size of a giant fire truck; but it had stopped in front of the house two doors down.

Instead of seeing rescue workers rushing towards the entrance of the house I saw Santa Claus standing by a car in the driveway!  Well, I had my Flip camera in my hand, so I quickly turned it on, aimed and pressed the record button.

I was just able to catch Santa getting on board the vehicle, which then took off.  I was also able to capture Santa through the large window of the truck as it passed.  Here is my 51 second video of our neighborhood excitement. You will definitely miss seeing Santa if you don’t watch in full screen mode.  Also, you will miss him if you should happen to blink at the wrong time:

Later, I got to thinking – I sure hope Santa doesn’t plan to abandon his sleigh and reindeer for that truck.  While it is true that the truck can hold many more toys, I’m afraid that there would be many a collapsed roof around the world on Christmas Eve!   😥

Finally, we have been having some rather nasty weather almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere.  It has been particularly bad in the Northeast and Mid-West here in the US.  Several relatives from Rochester, New York have been complaining about the weather on Facebook.

Another  relative who lives in southern Georgia displayed her compassionate nature in the following entry:

Dear family/friends in Rochester, why after 20, 30, 40+ years are you still acting suprised that Rochester has snow, sleet, rain, frozen rain, blizzards, more snow slushy crap, ice and more snow? Can you guess what comes in Spring? SLUSHY MUSHY MUD which is half ice and half mud! Seriously, it’s the same every year. If you keep falling and breakin bones on ice, maybe you need better shoes or less ice. just sayin!


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4 responses to “Excitement in the Neighborhood

  1. naturgesetz

    You mean Santa’s workshop isn’t at the North Pole???!!!

    Yeah, we know stuff like this can happen every winter. But I think we’re still allowed to hate it.

    (Here it was a couple of days where the temperature never got above freezing, which is more like late January conditions. And then it warmed up and we got lots of rain. I’m really glad it wasn’t snow.)

    • Ed

      Regarding Santa’s North Pole workshop – please see below reply to Micky’s comment.

      We also have had an unusual early “cold” spell, but things are now going back to normal. Temps actually went down to the 30s one evening. In normal years that doesn’t happen. When it does it is usually in January.

  2. Did Santa have any helpers? You know, pixies, elves or even fairies?

    • Ed

      No – – As a matter of fact I’ve known for quite some time that Santa had laid off all North Pole employees and now procures toys from Wal Mart. I thought everybody knew that. Where have you been?

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