Buses and Home

Most days I check out YouTube to see if any new videos have been added to sites I’ve subscribed to, and see how many more views there have been of videos I’ve uploaded to my channel.  Then I search for videos on subjects or places I’m interested in.  I usually waste an hour or hour and a half doing that.  But – hey – I’m retired – all I have is time which must be filled up. Checking out YouTube videos beats staring off into space or contemplating one’s navel.

Actually,  wasting time is not my primary occupation.  I have yet to turn into a vegetable.  But I do make time in my life for triviality.

Yesterday I searched for videos from my hometown.  Every day there are more than a hundred new ones.  About 90% of them, however, are ads for automobiles or real estate.  And many of the remaining ones are from other Rochesters.  There are Rochesters in the UK, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Indiana; but the largest, best known and most wonderfulest –  my hometown – is in New York.  😉

I found one video, approximately ten minutes long, entitled “Rochester, NY Buses”.  I chuckled at the thought that somebody could be turned on by buses.  I thought my obsession with marching bands was weird – but ten minutes of Buses?  It is comforting to know that there are people in this world even stranger than me.

But, I clicked on it anyway, wondering how many seconds would pass before I aborted watching it.  Know what?  I sat there at my PC totally mesmerized for the full 9 minutes and 57 seconds!  It wasn’t the buses that grabbed me – when you’ve seen one bus you’ve pretty much seen them all.  Buses are big, noisy smelly things, and I haven’t been inside one in over 30 years – and I don’t particularly want to be in one again, either.  No, it was the streets and the buildings that were so familiar and so full of memories.  It made for a big time nostalgia mind trip.  I have to admit that Macho Man almost teared up.

While watching the places the buses passed  I realized how very much I miss my home-  and how very much I would like to go back – and how it is impossible because it isn’t there anymore.  Whoever coined the phrase – You can’t go home again  – obviously did not mean it literally.  Of course you can – physically.  But, home is more than a place.  It is also the time and the people of the time.  It is the latter two that are gone and can’t be retrieved.  That’s where I’d like to return. That’s what prompted the “almost tears”.

Oh well, back to reality and now.  Wanna see the most wonderfulest downtown of the most wonderfulest Rochester in the world? Check this out.



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4 responses to “Buses and Home

  1. Pete and I more or less went back to where I grew up but the last time we went back to the last place he lived his bungalow had been demolished and not very attractive house had been build in its place.

    He wasn’t very happy because he’d loved the place – so we’ll never be going back there again.

    • Ed

      That’s sad – but I know how he feels. The house that I was born in was torn down also.

      Now there is no way it could ever make the National Register of Historical Places! …………………. I know what you’re thinking!!! You wonder how any structure in the New World could be old enough to be considered historical!

  2. Oh no, I know the answer to that one Ed.

    If it was up this time last year . . .

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