I Need a Break!

OMG!  I have been wrapping Christmas presents.  I am about as skilled at that endeavor as I am in doing household repairs.  I just had to get away for a while.

I am by nature a very organized person, but today has been an exception.  I’m working on the dining room table – and it is an absolute mess!  Scattered about the table are eight of the long rolls of wrapping paper, five of the flat folded kind and  two thingies of white tissue paper.  Plus there are sets of five kinds of gift labels. There are also scissors, a Scotch Tape dispenser, a ruler, a sharp letter opener and a pen somewhere on the table.  No ribbons – thank God! That shouldn’t be too bad to work with, but unfortunately I didn’t bother to clear off the table before starting to wrap.

Somewhere in the mess are my laptop, the mouse, place mats, remotes for my TV, Blu-Ray player and satellite receiver box, and two Sunday newspapers.  At least I have been smart enough to work with one gift at a time and put it away when I’ve finished wrapping it.

But the process has been maddening!  I can’t find anything when I need it.  I have to go searching for everything under the clutter.  One time, after a particularly difficult wrapping job I put the wrong name on the gift label, and had to unwrap and rewrap.  Grrrr……….  👿

Some good things:

  • There are only a few more gifts to be wrapped.
  • My Christmas shopping is completed – a full week before the 25th, an all-time record for me.
  • While typing this vent my blood pressure and pulse have returned to normal.

Now I’m ready to finish the job.  😀



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6 responses to “I Need a Break!

  1. naturgesetz

    It really can get pretty overwhelming.

    Now that I’ve just got two brothers, a sister-in-law, and a nephew to get things for, it’s a lot easier for me that it used to be. Also, with a brother and the sister-in-law living in Japan, and the nephew in New York, wrapping happens in stages. It was very different when my mother was alive and all the above-mentioned relatives would be here for Christmas. Since I’m an inveterate procrastinator, I’d come home from Midnight Mass, with over an hour’s worth of wrapping still to do, and a wake-up time of 6:45.

    • Ed

      You’re a better man than I am, that’s for sure. Long ago I, too, mailed gifts to relatives far away, mainly up north. It got to be very stressful, ‘cuz I am also a procrastinator. Then, I switched to mailing checks which made it much easier. I had to worry about actually shopping for only the ones I would spend the holiday with. Finally, there got to be so many of the far away relatives that I stopped even the checks. I wasn’t getting anything from any of them except maybe some broken stuck-together cookies anyway.

      Now I confine my shopping to those I will be with on the 25th. What makes the wrapping such a big deal for me, other than my ineptitude, is that I get multiple gifts for each person – thus today’s hassle and mess.

  2. Just think though – if you are like me you will probably get some satisfaction out of cleaning everything up, putting away, and organizing everything back the way it should be. At least, ~I~ always find that exciting.


    Maybe I’m just weird.

    • Ed

      The gifts are now in neat piles, sorted by recipient, and the wrappings are stored away for next year. The table is once again presentable. Yes, it is rather satisfying to have order restored – though I’m not sure I derived any “excitement” out of the process. It appears then that we are each a bit weird, but you may be just a tad weirder! heehee………

  3. We have a ‘kitchen table’ which is a bit like that! It’s just the only big table we have so everything happens on it. Fortunately, being where it is and the style it is, it’s allowed to be a bit ‘rustic’ and to look lived in.

    Since I don’t have one of those natty little ‘scotch tape dispensers’ I have to tear lots of little bits of sellotape off the roll and stick them on the edge of the table coz otherwise I can’t hold the paper in position while I stick it. This year, for the first time, I had a lot of little bits of tape left over.

    Why was that?

    • Ed

      Well, you have obviously become more efficient in the use of the tape over the years! lol

      And, yes, having the natty tape dispenser makes the job much easier because one needs only one hand to hold the wrapping paper in place – unless, of course, the dispenser is buried under clutter – as was too often the case yesterday.

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