I am preparing the house, and myself, for  this coming weekend.  Company will be arriving sometime in the early afternoon of Christmas Eve, and departing the day after Christmas.  I need only provide lodging, local transportation and a few meals.  The celebratory get together and gift exchanges will thankfully take place at another home, with more people involved.  There will also be a dinner at an upscale expensive restaurant on Miami Beach.

Preparing the house is by far the easier thing for me.  Preparing me will be more of a chore.  I will have to call upon my Academy-Award-like acting skills to play the gracious host and holiday celebrant.

It is not the people – they are all special to me.  It is that I am one of those unfortunate souls for whom the month of December is very difficult.  Actually it is more than just the month.  Depression sets in right after Thanksgiving Day and  holds me in its grips until New Years Day. It is not a major depression; the kind for which professional help is needed.  It is more a malaise that I can’t shake.  I have to expend great effort to hide my mood from others.  I have been this way my entire adult life.

At least this year’s “Blah” period is nearing an end.  And getting involved in shopping, gift wrapping, house cleaning, hosting and being with others helps make the time pass more quickly.   ……………………….  C’mon January!



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2 responses to “Sigh!

  1. Ho ho ho! (I suppose).

    Time was one used to have an houseful and somehow, living in Yorkshire, it was the expected thing with coal fires, stone floor littered with dogs (in the nicest possible taste, of course), food galore and lashings of booze. They arrived in multiple, brought gifts and more booze, helped by washing up (hooray for them!) and we all got drunk and had loads of sex when we weren’t.

    Nowadays Pete and I enjoy Christmas with the Former Bitch and try not to eat or drink quite so much. Pete will visit his Dad for an hour or so on Christmas morning but otherwise we’ll enjoy ourselves – being joined by just about our closest gay friend in good time to celebrate New Year together.


    Have a Merry Mid-winter (as it is for us!)

  2. Hang in there! *hugs*

    And have a Merry Christmas

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