Nice Time

I had a wonderful Christmas weekend – temporarily able to escape my end-of-year blahs and thoroughly enjoy myself.  Now there is less than a week to go before New Years Day when the world will once again seem like a great place.

The photo below is a panorama I took from the balcony of the condo where I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  It is a composite of three separate photos.  You will have to click on it to see any detail.  A second click will make it so humongous that you will have to scroll to see it all.  The weather both days was gorgeous – temps in the mid 70’s and just a gentle breeze.

Biscayne Bay is straight ahead and Miami Beach to the right.  The condo is in a high-rise on one of six small islands in the bay connected by a causeway going from Miami Beach to downtown Miami.

In addition to a regular Christmas, we celebrated a baby’s first birthday and her Mommy and Daddy’s second wedding anniversary.  Making it even more special was that her Daddy (my Great Nephew) who is an Army Ranger  had only a few days earlier returned from a tour in Afghanistan.

The little one had a wonderful time opening all her presents.  Of course she was far more impressed with the wrapping paper than with any of the contents.  She also put on a show with her personal birthday cake.  The bakery provided a small cake just for baby and a normal size cake for us grownups.  More of the cake ended up on her than in her!  As you can imagine, bath time followed immediately!


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