The Shaver

He was an accounting clerk in the office where I worked in Washington.  I didn’t know him well.

You would not think there was anything unusual about him. He was in his mid twenties, average looking and got along well with his fellow workers.  I’m sure he did a good job.  I don’t remember there ever being a problem with his work  output.

Every morning he came to work carrying a small leather shaving kit.  Around 10 AM he took the kit to the mens’ room and shaved.  Around 1 PM, he shaved before going out to lunch.  Around 3:30 PM he shaved again.  This he did every day.  Right before he went to shave it was obvious that he needed to.  His beard was dark and thick – and he looked as if he had skipped shaving for a few days.

Naturally, the rest of us in the office wondered what he would look like by 5 PM if he didn’t shave, and what he saw in the mirror each morning when he got up.

I felt sorry for him.  His rapid and heavy beard growth was obviously an extremely rare condition, and must have caused him constant anguish and embarrassment.


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