A New Year!

Wow!  Another year!  And it has been a great one – – so far!  😕

Okay, so the year is less than five full days old and certainly there are great  possibilities for things to go downhill, both in my personal life and in the world in general.  But somehow I always start out the year full of optimism – the very opposite of my annual year-end attitude.

In January I am able to see the past as just that – the past.  It is gone and can’t be changed.  Hopefully, I have learned from things that happened to me, both the good and bad, and will thus be better able to deal with what is to come, both the good and the bad.

In January the natural cynic in me temporarily recedes and I actually have hopes that mans’ better nature  might reveal itself more often here in the US and around the world and thus the world could be a slightly better place by the end of the year.

But by mid-year I will look upon my states of mind in December and January as mild temporal manic states – as my inner cynic returns.

On a less serious note, I witnessed an amusing thing on TV New Years Eve. Every year out of habit more than anything else I watch TV coverage of the New Years celebration at Times Square in New York City, where 500,000 or more mostly inebriated idiots gather to watch the ball drop. The weather doesn’t ever appear to influence the size of the crowd – apparently alcohol has a significant effect on the body’s ability to cope with or ignore the elements.

I normally tune in close to midnight and turn it off shortly after.  I’m not much interested in the other entertainment.  When I tuned in there was a blond haired woman, dressed as if she was soliciting, doing interviews in the crowd.  I don’t know who she was – probably a new movie starlet or singer.  She obviously had no idea how to conduct an interview, nor even that she should listen to the answers to her questions.

In the midst of the screaming mob she had latched onto three young people who appeared to be perfectly sober: two US Marines in dress uniform and a very attractive girl standing between them.

She had just asked one of the Marines what his name was, which I didn’t catch.  Then the interview proceeded as follows:

Interviewer: “Did you come here alone tonight?”

Marine No. 1: “No, I came with my friends here – Melissa and Eddie Edwards.”

Interviewer: (Sticking the microphone in the face of the young woman.)                                               “What’s your name?”

Young Woman: “Melissa Edwards.”

Interviewer: (Sticking the microphone in the face of the 2nd Marine.)                                                     “What’s your name?”

Marine No. 2:  “Eddie Edwards.”

Interviewer: (Back to Marine No. 1 – gesturing towards the young woman.)                                           “Is she your girlfriend?”

Marine No. 1: “No, she isn’t.”

Interviewer: “Well. aren’t you the lucky one!”

I was absolutely flabbergasted – thinking: “That woman got paid for that?!”  😯


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  1. And a Happy New Year to you too!

    On British tv we always used to have Kenneth McKellar and the White Heather Band from Scotland. All through our childhood and teenage years this is what the BBC offered us at New Year.

    Fortunately, when some of our age group got into positions of power at the BBC things changed! We now watch Jules Holland for a couple of ours over midnight. For the record he has a studio full of British and American bands and solo artists who each get to play one or, if they’re really lucky, two numbers. That’s it. Jules does little interviews which last a maximum of two minutes, otherwise it’s all music.

    This means that the forgotten art of conversation can happen without us missing too much – it’s truly amazing!

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