Picture Post

For the past few days I have been unable to think of anything to post about that would be of the slightest interest even to me.

So I have resorted to Old Faithful – a Picture Post!  🙂

A thick and yummy pork chop for last Wednesday’s dinner.  I used just a little salt and pepper and a zero calorie canola oil spray in a non-stick skillet.  It was really tender and juicy!

These poor leaves were dinner for worms or some other creatures.

I felt sorry for the leaves so I made them all -better with Photoshop.

Meet Buster and Beatrice Crab, currently resting on some over-size books.    The crabs have an interesting story.  Back in the 1970s the state of Virginia adopted the slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” for  a campaign to encourage tourism.  The state of Maryland, where I was living, not to be outdone by its neighboring state, countered with its own advertising campaign: “Maryland is for Crabs!”  Maryland is well known for great seafood – especially Maryland Crab-cakes.  The Maryland National Bank joined the promotion by giving out free stuffed crabs to depositors.  I got two of them.  I named the one on the left “Buster” in honor of Buster Crabbe – an Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming in 1932 , and subsequently a movie star who was famous for playing Tarzan a few times, but mainly for playing Flash Gordon.  I named his mate Beatrice just for the sake of alliteration.  I move Buster and Beatrice around in the house now and then – just so they don’t get bored.  😉

My glasses.  My sister called them “speckle-tackles”.

I took this photo some time ago.  It seemed like the pigeons decided to take a break to watch the rush hour traffic below.

That is all!



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3 responses to “Picture Post

  1. Sethboyardee

    LOL at fixing the leaves in PS


  2. And thumbs up to the zero fat cooking spray!

  3. Ed

    @Seth – Heehee…. As you know, it is amazing what can be done with Photoshop, and it is so much fun. However, Photoshop has totally destroyed faith in the truth of photographs in magazines and newspapers. Like so many of our modern marvels, it also has a dark side.

    @Micky – Hip, Hip, Hurrah for cooking spray and olive oil! They lessen the guilt when I eat candy and desserts.

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