Irish Trumpets

I realize I haven’t bored thrilled viewers with a college marching band or fight song post for quite a while, so I’ve decided I’d better do one – except that this one involves only trumpets.

It is a tradition at the University of Notre Dame for the trumpet section of the marching band to gather under the Golden Dome of  the Main Building  one hour before kick-off on home game days and play “Notre Dame Our Mother,” and “The Notre Dame Victory March” to a standing-room only crowd.

Notre Dame’s athletic teams are called “The Fighting Irish”.  As my mother would say, the trumpet player shaking his fist right at the end of the video has “the map of Ireland on his face”.

I suppose blogger Naturgesetz, being in Boston and likely a fan of Notre Dame’s bitter Catholic college rival Boston College, would gag watching this video.  ——— Sorry!  😕



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2 responses to “Irish Trumpets

  1. naturgesetz

    Actually, I didn’t attend Boston College or Notre Dame, so I’m indifferent to the success or failure of either schools athletic teams.

    It’s a pleasant enough video, and I see what you mean about the player with the map of Ireland on his face. Someone once said the same when she saw a photo of me. I’d never thought I looked all that Irish, but another glance at the photo showed me she was right.

    • Ed

      Heehee…. I just assumed that New Englanders were monolithic in their affection for local teams and thus, you would naturally be an avid BC fan.

      I happen to be partial to BC in sports ‘cuz I always root for teams in the Northeast.

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