London New Years Parade

Yesterday I posted a video featuring just trumpets.  I felt a bit sorry for having ignored tubas, trombones, drums etc.  So today I have made up for it.

This video is from the BBC television coverage of the 2011 London New Years Day Parade.  It is the parade’s grand finale in which eight high school marching  bands and one college band from the United States performed en masse.  In all, there were almost 800 musicians from Florida, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, California and Illinois.

I can only imagine what that many instruments sounded like to the spectators in that small area.  The vibrations surely must have rattled the fillings in their teeth, and given eardrums quite a workout!

What a thrill participating in the parade must have been for those kids.  For most, I am sure, it was their first time on an airplane and first visit to a foreign country – the Mother Country, no less – – – and to march through the streets of the capital of the English speaking world – Wow!

I envy them.  For my next reincarnation I am going to insist that I live in an affluent American suburb with a school system noted for its excellent academics and superb music program.  Oh, and also to be endowed with musical talent.  I haven’t yet decided my instrument.  Drums would be neat.  The drums are the heart of a band.  After all, without the beat the band can’t do anything.  But it might be more fun to play the melody – like on a trumpet or trombone.  One thing for sure, it will not be the tuba.  It can’t be much fun lugging one of those things on a six mile parade route!



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2 responses to “London New Years Parade

  1. And what more fitting to play than a bit of Elgar! (ha ha!)

    Wasn’t someone saying how awful he thought the stars and stripes is? Well I have little love for the triumphalism of Edward! Give me happy and proud, not triumphalist.

    But still – what a fantastic thing for those young people, as you say!

    And what nice things you wrote about our country – the Mother Country – the capital of the English-speaking world! My word! Thanks!

    But you see we’re cads really coz we didn’t watch this stuff at New Year. I presume it was part of the BBC1’s ‘Trafalgar Square’ coverage. We were safely inside a studio on BBC2 with Jules Holland and his many-talented and international music show!

    Whatever – we had some fireworks in our local park and on the town football pitch and we drank bubbly with our friend who was with us. Mind you we preceded all that with roast beef with all the trimmings – so at least that was a bit John Bull!

    Thanks for a most entertaining post!

    • Ed

      In a way England is my personal “Mother Country”. My Mother’s side has been traced back to an ancestor born in 1196 in Buckinghamshire, with first ancestor not arriving in America until the early 1600s.

      And, as you have previously pointed out, we don’t really speak English here – so neither New York City nor Washington would qualify as the capital. Hehe…

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