Picture Post

I was in Miami yesterday – with my camera – and again took mucho-many photos.  Digital cameras with SD cards are wonderful things!   😀  I have many photos which I will be uploading to my Flickr site, but decided to post some here also.  Each can be enlarged with single and double clicks.  I concentrated on the many works of art scattered around the downtown area and some interesting buildings.

This item stretches the definition of art a bit!

This also!   🙂

Now this comes closer to what I would consider art.

This too.  If you enlarge this you will see that she has quite an interesting dress.


Court House to the right.  Notice that the city has gone “Green” with the energy saving light bulbs.

This is the Federal Building where I worked in the late 1960’s when it was brand new.  It is typical 1960’s Government blah architecture.  From a distance it is really rather ugly, but up close the windows look kinda neat! Years later  I worked in this building’s almost identical twin in Buffalo, New York.  Two more close-up window views follow.

This view looks horizontal to me – an optical illusion.

Many more photos will shortly be on Flickr if anyone is interested.



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5 responses to “Picture Post

  1. Sethboyardee

    Y’all have some wacky works of art down there!! Must be all the heat addles the arteests brains 🙂

    Good perspective with the building and stuff – great clear shots, too! So many vibrant colors ( says he whilst looking outside the window at the bleak grey sky and white snow LOL)


    • Ed

      Just think – – taxpayer money spent for all that “ART”! I uploaded more weird art plus some traditional stuff on Flickr.

      You have my sympathy about “gray” world outside. I remember it well.

  2. naturgesetz

    The first is the worst.

    I find the second tolerable. Is the fourth Lady Florida? I kinda like the firft one, too.

    Good pics of the Federal Bldg. I worked in the JFK Fed. Bldg. in Boston for most of my career. It’s not a twin of yours, but it’s of the same era and similar in that it is quite rectilinear, off white, with a textured surface. I guess that was the taste in the GSA at the time.

    • Ed

      I agree with your assessments.

      Regarding the statue of the woman – it is Julia Tuttle, considered the “Mother of Miami”. It was unveiled just this past August.

      Julia Tuttle was a landowner in the area which became Miami back in the late 19th century who convinced Henry Flagler to extend his railroad south to it. When a big freeze struck north Florida, killing the orange groves — but not Julia’s, she sent Flagler some oranges, and that’s all the convincing he needed. The railroad came, Miami was born. The stuff on her skirt are scenes of early Miami.

  3. naturgesetz

    * fifth, not “firft”

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