Picture Post

Just a few recent pics before I head off to spend the weekend near Tampa.

My first Peeps of the year!  I couldn’t believe it – the stores are putting out their Easter candy along with the Valentine stuff.

Stairs to Nowhere.

Penthouse apartment!

Wow!  15 mph?  Must be quite a sight.  I’ve never seen a school move at all.

Boat Rentals in the park.  This is one of my first HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos, in which three photos of same subject are taken one after the other, each at different exposure setting.  Photoshop puts them together taking advantage of the wider exposure range – I think.  They can still be further tweaked, but I didn’t bother changing Photoshop’s default setting here.  It looks a little better enlarged.




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3 responses to “Picture Post

  1. Very bright and sharp – as they came over on my MacBook anyway!

    So very well done!

    I’m no photographer (never got beyond developing and printing black and white prints with a pretty cheap enlarger down in the little cellar of a previous house.

    Pete takes all the digital photos these days – holidays and the model railway, of course.

  2. naturgesetz

    The trees in the boat rentals pic look almost like a painting.

    • Ed

      My Mother always told me to “Tell the truth and shame the Devil” so – there is a reason for the trees looking like they do, although I like it.

      The camera I was using doesn’t have the feature of taking three consecutive photos at different exposures very quickly. I had to take them individually, changing the exposure manually each time, and try to keep the camera still.

      Photoshop’s HDR process combines the photos and attempts to adjust for movement of the camera. Somehow it then plays with the various exposures and comes up with enhanced colors — I think. It is much too complicated for my little mind.

      However, I believe the effect you note on the trees resulted from Photoshop not being able to completely adjust for the amount of movement I had because of how I did it. The individual shots are sharply focused.

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