Oranges, we got Oranges!

To return home from Brooksville, Florida (north of Tampa) yesterday, after visiting my nephew and his wife, I decided to take US 27 through the center of the state instead of Interstate 75.  Driving on the Interstate is very boring.  Using US 27 cuts about 40 miles off the trip, but takes about an hour longer – due to having to pass through many small cities and towns.

The areas between towns, particularly in central Florida consists mainly of cattle ranches and orange groves. At one point, after passing through mile after mile of almost unbroken orange groves on both sides of the road I decided to make a video.  I couldn’t attach my unipod to the windshield and connect the camera while traveling 70+ mph, so I just held the camera in my right hand pointing from the driver’s side window and steered with my left.  I wasn’t able to check if the camera was aimed properly vertically ‘cuz it is a wee bit more important to watch where I was driving.

Here is a video showing just a tiny section of the almost unending parade of orange trees.  You will note that my aim was not consistent.  Just as in life in general I have now  learned that it is always better to aim high. 😀  But I did capture enough to demonstrate that there are lots of oranges in Florida.

Just think – you may have eaten an orange or drunk some OJ that came from one of these trees!



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2 responses to “Oranges, we got Oranges!

  1. naturgesetz

    Is there a mechanized way of picking the oranges, or does it have to be done by hand? (And if by hand, are those jobs that illegal aliens are stealing from unemployed Americans?)

    • Ed

      I’m like 99.45% certain that oranges are hand picked – and that they are picked mainly by bands of migrant workers. I would assume that a goodly percentage of them are illegal.

      I can only imagine what an awful job that is. As a teen I picked cherries – it was really a back breaking job – oranges are considerably larger and heavier!

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