Hiding Behind Hedges

I get restless every now and then and I just have to get out of the house.  Yesterday, around 11:45 I hopped in the car and drove up the coast about 60 miles to West Palm Beach for lunch.

Then it was across the Intracoastal Waterway to Palm Beach where the affluent reside.  I thought  I would drive around pricey neighborhoods and stare with envy at fancy homes and grounds.

Was I disappointed!  Turns out that they are all hiding with their money behind tall hedges.  Even driving slowly it was possible only occasionally get a split second glance at part of a house.  This video covers just a small part of my drive around town – but it was all the same anyway.

One thing that became quite apparent to me was that if you knew how to trim hedges you would never have to worry about being unemployed in that town!

Watching the video I was faced with a mystery – what was causing an almost constant clicking noise?  I didn’t recall any such noise while I was driving.  I got concerned that there may be a defect in the camera, so I did a test video in the house.  There was no clicking sound.  Then – Eureka! – it suddenly hit me. There is a short strap connected to the bottom of the camera, held together by a small metal cylinder.  I was holding the camera above the steering wheel with my right hand and steering with my left.  Every time I moved either the camera or the steering wheel the little cylinder  hit against the steering wheel.  The microphone is at the bottom of the camera and easily picked up a sound that my ears either didn’t, or ignored.  Lordy, sometimes my brilliance amazes me!!  😀

I recommend watching in full screen mode.



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2 responses to “Hiding Behind Hedges

  1. It’s a bit like ‘Down your Street’ with google – except that there’s sound!

  2. Ed

    Heehee….. Driving through that area got me to thinking- one guy, years ago, planted a hedge right at the edge of the road and kept it pruned so perfectly, and some of the neighbors thought that was quite neat – so they copied him. And pretty soon it was like a pandemic!

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