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I was quite energetic yesterday.  In the morning I took a brisk four mile walk around the neighborhood, and in the afternoon I went to the park to shoot some hoops and walk another two miles.  The reason for this activity was guilt about having pretty much vegetated for several days.  Sitting around doing nothing can be habit forming – and that’s not a good habit to adopt.

Here are a few photos I took on my morning walk.

For twenty years I’ve been trying to decide whether this is one house or two.  If you enlarge the photo and examine the roofs it looks as if there may be a separate house to the right, but I can’t see the separation.  Maybe it is an add-on.  It would be so easy to find out.  All I have to do is walk  up the street at the end of the lake and turn right at the first intersection. I may just do it one day.

I call this photo “Green Light” – quite original, don’t you think?  Actually, I took this photo for three reasons, and you’ll have to enlarge it to fully appreciate two of them.  First, notice the indented curb.  Wut up wit’ dat? With a bench there one would think it may be a bus stop, but there is no sign there to indicate that it is – and why the indent?  Second, see the “No Parking” sign?  I’ve never seen a No Parking sign at an intersection.  Who would think it is a good idea to park right at an intersection – especially one controlled by a traffic signal?  Finally, how about the advertising on the bench?  This has got to be “big time” deceptive come-on advertising.  Three months for 99 cents? Get real!!  You probably have to sign a multi-year  contract.  Plus (heehee…!), with sales tax it is gonna cost ya $1.05!!

Oh, I had to edit this post to add another thing in the photo that I only just noticed after double-clicking to enlarge further.  How about the sign on the truck directly under the traffic light?  Is that not strange?  Where do you think it goes that you are not supposed to follow?

Again, photo should be enlarged.  This is a tiny park at the site of our former tiny City Hall.  I took the photo to show the effect of the drought in South Florida.  Even with sprinkling the grass is fading to tan.  Winter is our dry season, but this winter has been unusually dry.

My title – “Bird on Bird”.  The photo is not sharp because of extreme telephoto, but I like it.  The bottom bird is actually a decorative float attached to the end of the pipe drawing water from the lake for the sprinkler system.  Of course, the silly bird thinks it is just a resting place.

A tree in the park getting an early start on spring blossoming.

Wooden bench in park.  The grass is doing better in this area because of plenty of shade.


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