Neighbor from Hell – Part 2

Shortly after installing his fence Frank got two dogs.  They were little things, mostly white but with patches of black and brown.  They had fairly long hair so I imagine they were shedders.  I really don’t recognize dog breeds, so that is about the best description I can make.

One was smaller, I assume younger, and it was a barker.  Well, actually it was a BARKER!  It’s bark was loud and shrill and it barked continuously as long as it sensed that any human beings but Frank and his wife were in the vicinity.  How shrill?  Well, it was actually painful to listen to for more than a few seconds.  I had the feeling that it was barking its throat raw.

Both Frank and his wife worked.  They left the dogs in the yard all day long until late at night when they went to bed.  Every time I went out my door it started and didn’t stop until I went back indoors or drove or walked away.  If I went out onto my screened in patio and just sat in a chair and tried to read a book it barked until I went indoors.  I couldn’t outlast it – it was physically painful between my ears and there was no way I could concentrate on my book.

If I had my windows open on that side of the house I would immediately become aware that another human was approaching Frank’s house from several houses away, or if another neighbor had left his house.  The barking would continue until the dog no longer sensed the presence.

I considered telling Frank how annoying the dog barking was but I was reluctant to do so.  I had already had an indication that he wasn’t exactly stable emotionally.  So, in effect, I allowed myself to became a prisoner in my own home.

But one night several months after the arrival of the dogs a situation arose that I thought was ideal to bring the problem to Frank’s attention.  I decided to walk to the nearby supermarket to get a few things.  Before I had even closed my front door the dog began – it continued as I walked down my driveway and along the sidewalk next to Frank’s fence and as I turned the corner in front of the house.  Frank was in his front yard – and I thought obviously Frank can hear the dog so I wasn’t going to have to convince him that the barking was annoying.

I stopped and said good naturally (I thought):  “Hey, Frank, you ought to get that little guy some dogie Valium or something, he ‘s really hyper.”  That was a mistake.

“What the fuck are you talking about!?” was the response.

So I calmly explained the problem.  His response:  “You’re full of shit!”  (I guess he learned a new word!)  I asked him to listen to the dog, which was continuing to shriek, and explained that this is how it was every time I left my house or anybody else came into the vicinity.

His response: “So what the fuck are you going to do about it?”

I told him that I wasn’t going to do anything, I just wanted to let him know how annoying the dog was, and that I thought he should be concerned about it.  I said that there were places that trained dogs to stop their excessive barking and he should consider it.

His response:  “Go fuck yourself!”

I just shook my head and started again towards the supermarket, wondering how one reasons with someone who is irrational.

I had been home from the store no more than ten minutes, in the process of putting the groceries away – when the doorbell rang.  When I opened the door there stood a Pembroke Pines policeman, who said:  “I’m Officer ———–.  I’m here because we received a call from your next door neighbor claiming that you threatened to poison his dog.”   😯

to be continued ………………..



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2 responses to “Neighbor from Hell – Part 2

  1. Dave

    Come on your killin me, You just invented the suspense blog!

    • Ed

      Sorry! I really didn’t intend to make a cliff hanger post.

      The post had got up to 659 words, and I figured it was a good point to break.

      I promise no more such endings.

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