Neighbor from Hell – Part 5 – The End

Months passed after the drifting leaves incident and I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Frank was going to continue to be my “cross to bear”.

But one day as I was driving home I saw a FOR SALE sign in Frank’s front lawn.   I was so shocked that I almost drove right through the intersection instead of turning right.  That was truly one of the best days of my life.

Back then houses on the market in my neighborhood moved quickly.  I even had people come to my door and offer to buy my house, so I felt that my nightmare would soon be over.  And so it was.  The sign disappeared in about two weeks and a month later I saw a moving van in his driveway.  I felt an urge to go running through the neighborhood shouting:  “Free at last!  Free at last!  Thank God A’mighty, I’m free at last!”  But I restrained myself.

A few days later a young Hispanic couple with an adorable 3 year old boy moved in.  They became as good neighbors as Frank had been bad.  Sadly, in 2009 they lost the house through foreclosure.  There is a new family living there now, who are also very nice.

In my entire life I have never had a problem with any neighbor except for Frank.  Nor have I ever known a person as crude and vulgar.  Except for my ‘ tween years when cussing by my male classmates (and even me on occasion) was the “in” thing,  I have actually rarely heard the word “Fuck” or any of  its variations uttered live.  I have been fortunate to work with and be associated with people who didn’t need vulgarity to express themselves.  Guess that means I’ve lived a sheltered life.

In my family swearing was not acceptable.  “Hell” and “Damn” were like Cardinal sins, so I shudder to think of what would have happened had I ever dropped the “F” bomb at home!

In my recent post about my fortunate life I wrote that I have never felt threatened physically.  While I definitely did feel threatened by Frank I don’t believe that is a contradiction.  I was referring to the places I have traveled  and the cities and  neighborhoods where I lived.


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6 responses to “Neighbor from Hell – Part 5 – The End

  1. Steve

    Glad to hear there was a happy ending. When I was growing up we had a neighbor that called the police on me many times. It was always for stupid things like the time my parents were on vacation and I was watering the yard. The water ran over on her property so she called the police. The police knew she was a crank but they always took the easy way out and came over to tell me I should try to get along with her. Sense I was 19 at the time I told them that I thought it was time that they should tell her to get along with me and to never come to my door again without a warrant for my arrest. I was never bothered again but the young boy across the street became the target. Steve

    • Ed

      I think there is one of those people in every neighborhood. Weren’t you lucky to live right next door? She probably had a problem with young people because she wasn’t young anymore, as if it were the kids fault! Or, she could have just been like my “Frank” – – crazy!


  2. naturgesetz

    Yay for happy endings!

    And I’m with you on foul language. My father was always able to express his feelings very clearly without profanity or vulgarity of any sort. What’s the matter with people nowadays that they can’t express themselves without the f word? Shakespeare doesn’t use the f word. Why are contemporary playwrights so inferior that they can’t get their message across without it?

    • Ed

      Yeah – It’s sad; we have the richest language on Earth, with a plethora of verbs, adjectives and adverbs to choose from to be as precise or as ambiguous as we want. The “F” word and other expletives have become so common that they have lost meaning. They long ago lost their shock value.

  3. Dave

    Great Story and really a happy ending considering the short time endured. As this story progressed I had to wonder if frank was considered successful? It seems that moving to an affluent neighborhood would be an indicator. So how does somebody with that type of insecurity and mental problem get successful?

    • Ed

      I don’t know what Frank did for a living. I doubt he had a white collar job. Maybe his wife had money or a good paying job. She sure looked like a classy lady – but obviously she had bad taste in men!!!

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