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OUCH!  My Homeowners and Windstorm Insurance, Flood Insurance and Automobile Insurance annual premiums all are effective on the same day!  So today I made online payments totaling  $3,799.53.  Plus, I wrote a gift check to my Alma Mater in the amount of $2,000.00.  My net worth and checking account balance are now a bit lighter!  😥

Regarding the gift to the University, it gets easier to spend money when you start spending money!  I had been planning to make a gift, actually of a lesser amount, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it.  But after putting out for necessaries it was easy to write out a larger check.  I’ll probably leave everything to the school anyway – hopefully many, many years from now!  😆   For me it is like Christmas shopping.  Every year I am determined not to spend over X dollars for any person and to not exceed Y dollars overall.  But once the ritual begins my self control deserts me entirely.


I haven’t been making much progress dropping weight – not gaining either – just holding steady.  So, eight days ago I decided I would do daily long distance brisk walks.  I bought a cheap pedometer at the Dollar Store, and can proudly report that in these eight days I took 95,909 steps on those walks, which I calculated to be 41.79 miles, based on my estimated length of stride.  I may actually have gone 8% more miles, because I had calculated 4.65 miles yesterday on the basis of steps taken, but when I traced my route on the city road map, accumulated the centimeters and converted to the map’s scale – it came to 5.03 miles.  The distance isn’t all that important – but losing five pounds definitely  is!!!   😉


Here are a few photos taken in the past few days.

I love this!  You can get a lot of water out of these six valves.  Big hoses, too.   I saw this on the outside wall of a Lowe’s Hardware Store.

This is the first peacock (or peahen?) I’ve ever seen loose in the neighborhood.  I saw this in the front yard of a house around the corner.

Standing in the median of a street nearby.

A little lake in the midst of an apartment complex.

Is there a neater looking tropical flower than the hibiscus?

Cactus blossoms


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