Bored Afoot

My walking program has continued.   In 23 days I have taken long brisk walks on 20 of them, accumulating 83.90 miles (135.02 kilometers).  It is so boring!

Well, one day wasn’t.  Half way through my route a monster rain storm came without warning – a torrential downpour of the kind more common in the summer months.  There was no shelter available and no alternative but to keep going, and there was no letup in the storm.  I got thoroughly drenched.

For most of my adult life I avoided walking, running or jogging, and instead concentrated on basketball, an activity that is purposeful and involves interaction with others.  And it also engages the mind constantly.

Walking around my neighborhood quickly became mind-numbing, so I have taken to driving to places further and further from home, parking and walking from there.

One thing that has enabled me to retain my sanity is that I have my camera in hand while on my walks, and will occasionally stop and take photos of things that  seem interesting.  Here are  some taken in the   past few days.

I saw these ibises while walking along the shore of a small lake.  I love this photo.  I think it is one of the best I have ever taken – and I owe it all to to the ibises posing for me.  Looks best enlarged.

I came up with an original title for this.  I call it “Leaves”.   😉

We have many flowers in winter, but there are also many that decide to appear in spring just like up north.  Our drought is quite noticeable where there is no watering.  Notice the difference in the median and across the street.

An attractive little church.

I really couldn’t get a proper angle for this shot.  You have to enlarge it twice to appreciate it.  This intersection was designated a few years ago by the American Automobile Association as the most dangerous intersection in the United States.  It’s the City of Pembroke Pines’ only claim to fame. Yay! We’re Number One!!

Apartment complex.

Ducks at another little lake.

The long path ahead.


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