Fountain Pens

Of all the writing implements I have used the fountain pen was my favorite.  There is a certain feel of a fountain pen that cannot be matched by any ballpoint or felt tip made today.  The sound it makes as the nib passes over paper is almost musical.  And it makes such a clean sharp line.  Unfortunately, they are inconvenient to use.  You have to keep bottles of ink handy and always have a blotter at hand.  Because of the inconvenience I haven’t owned one in decades.

The following photo is the identical kind of pen I used in high school and college – a relatively inexpensive but very reliable Parker Pen.

When I started working for the Government I decided to move up in class and purchase a more expensive high quality fountain pen.  I went and spent the outrageous sum of $35 for an absolutely gorgeous pen with a gold point.

Now you might not be all that impressed by paying $35 for a pen, but you have to understand that it was 1961, and that $35 was the equivalent of $240 today.  My net pay for a two week period was exactly $118.92.  So, for me at that time it was a major outlay.

Incidentally, for some strange reason that is the only net pay amount of my entire career that I remember exactly.  I also remember my bi-weekly gross was $167.20.  It would be a major understatement to say there has been a bit of inflation since those times!  🙂

But sadly the first day at work with my wonderful new pen  was also the last.  A gentleman  came into the office to sign some documents and asked for a pen – which I proudly provided.  It took about two hours before I realized that the pen was gone – “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”   😥   In the interim there had been many documents filed.  I wasn’t able to determine which one was the one signed with my pen.  I hope the gentleman enjoyed his fancy new writing instrument!

I went back to using my inexpensive Parker.


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