Fun Band

Marching band nut that I am, I check out band videos on YouTube most days.  I found this thoroughly delightful video yesterday – members of a California high school marching band playing before and after a basketball game, obviously having a great time.  Technically, it is pep band – not the entire band that would perform on the field and led by a student rather than a teacher.

A very striking thing we see in this video is what America is finally becoming – the melting pot we always claimed to be, but have never fully achieved.  Here are Anglos, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and mixed races working together and having a wonderful time.

There is a large very vocal minority in this country that loathes and fears this.  They want to turn back the clock 40 years to a time when the “American Dream” was the exclusive property of  white Anglo-Saxon protestants.  Ain’t gonna happen!  Those young people in the stands represent the future of America, and that is a wonderful thing!


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