First Blog-iversary

One year ago today I made my first post to this, my first blog.  True to the title, the days have been dwindling down – 365 of them to be exact.   Yet, if anything, I actually feel younger and fitter today.  I’d like to believe that for me there are still quite a few more days ahead to dwindle.  But, of course, there is not one of us that has a guarantee of even tomorrow.

It has been quite fun doing this, much more than I thought it would be.  To some extent I believe that the blog has helped me to recover some long neglected writing skills.  That was my main objective.

And through this  blog I have been fortunate to make acquaintance with several pretty nice people in far away places.  That has been the most rewarding thing from this exercise.  So even though I have been able to attract an average of only 9.07 readers per day I enjoy writing so much that I will soldier on.

I thought it would be interesting to review my posts of the first year and gather a few statistics.  Being a former accountant I suffer from the illusion that numbers are interesting.  So here are some of the numbers from year one.

  • 216 posts
  • 163 of the posts containing reminiscences, rants and descriptions of my daily life
  • 67, 478 words – according to Wikipedia this is the equivalent of a novel.  The maximum word count of a novella is 40,000.
  • 251 of my photographs
  • 18 of my videos
  • 25 YouTube videos I thought interesting


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4 responses to “First Blog-iversary

  1. Sethboyardee

    Congratulations!!! *super-Sethy-hugs* May you have many many more days of blogging ahead of you!!


  2. naturgesetz

    Congrats on the anniversary. It’s good having you around.

    I don’t have anything to check my readership, and as the country and western song put it, “How many, how many I wonder; / But I really don’t want to know.” I’d be surprised if it’s much more than you get.

    Sethy! You’re still alive! Yay! 😉

    • Ed


      Heehee………. I wish I didn’t either. I never should have turned on the Stats widget. Reality can sometimes be quite humbling.

      In retrospect, it would have been much better off not knowing – and instead fantasizing that there were thousands all around the world logging on to my site daily eagerly anticipating another of my witty and profound literary efforts.

      Incidentally, just in case you hadn’t found out, Seth’s new blog’s URL is

      Sorry, WordPress’ comment reply via Email feature apparently doesn’t allow hyperlinks. Or maybe it is my Email program that doesn’t.

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