Yesterday I sent an Email right before going out on my daily walk.  That was aroung 1:15 PM.  Later, about 5:30 PM I logged onto the Net with my laptop.

But I got that “Server unable to find…….” screen instead of my homepage.   I wasn’t initially concerned, knowing that my browser, Firefox, sometimes does an “Adios, I’m a Ghost” act.  After trying again with the same result I switched to Internet Explorer – same thing.  Then I noticed a little red “X” down in the Taskbar indicating that I had no Internet connection.

“That’s interesting”, I thought.  I looked across the room and saw all the little blue lights merrily flickering on my router just like always.  So I ran Windows’ network troubleshooting program, but like all Windows’ diagnostic programs it was unable to locate a problem.

Then, suddenly, a window from Norton Internet Security popped up advising me that I had an Internet connection problem and invited me to seek assistance on their website.  “Hmmmmmmm…………..”, thinks I, “How I do dat?”

I decided next to try the most often suggested action to take when Windows gets all confused.  I unplugged the router and the laptop, waited 30 seconds and then replugged and turned on the laptop.  That actually works one time in many thousands.  No such miracle this time.

So I then ran my ISP’s diagnostics program which also decided that I was disconnected and that it couldn’t determine why.  But it did direct me to report the problem to their support people.

That was fun.  I was quite proud of myself for remaining civil while the technician led me through the very steps I had already taken.  Finally, he decided that they would have to send somebody to the house to check on the problem.  He scheduled a service call for today between 8:00 – 11:00 AM.

When I hung up the phone it hit me. ” OMG! OMG! I am completely out of touch with the outside world!”  I had the exact anxious and helpless feelings I get when my car is in the service shop overnight for repair and my driveway is empty.  Knowing that if I want to go someplace I don’t have a car to take me.  It matters not that I have no intention of going anywhere.  Same reaction to my loss of the  Internet.

Somehow though I survived the night, and this morning a technician found that a little “thingy” (excuse the technical term) in a metal box attached to the house was stone cold dead.  And that little thingy was what received the signal and sent it along to my router.  Later in the afternoon another technician came and replaced the thingy – and I am now again connected to the World!

I surely hope I don’t have to go through such trauma again for a long time.  It is too much for my delicate psyche.





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2 responses to “Disconnect

  1. Yay for little thingies!!!


    Err. Wait nevermind 🙂

  2. Ed

    I am always sorry when I can’t avoid using such technical terms. 😆

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