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I spent the weekend in Orlando visiting with some relatives from the still frigid North.  In fact, it was 32° F and snowing back near Buffalo where they live, but in the low 90’s in Orlando.  I took many photos but they were almost exclusively of relatives, especially of the 4 year old and 4 month old.  For the little one it was the first time in his life away from winter.

Here are a few of the non-family photos.

Planet Hollywood restaurant and balloon ride at Downtown Disney.

Shrimping boat Jenny from the 1994 movie “Forest Gump”.

We ate at the Raglan Road restaurant at at Downtown Disney.  The food, traditional Irish cuisine, was outstanding, but the live music was so loud that one had to shout in order to be heard by the person next to him – not a place for pleasant dinner conversation.

Beautiful flower outside my hotel.

Flowers on sale at the K-Mart near my house.

Bird with his lunch – a small lizard.


This is one of the pair of birds that have taken possession of my back yard.  Here it was loudly making it clear it did not appreciate my presence.



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  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you!


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