A Special Car

My new British Blog Buddy posted recently in his Blog (Story of a Nobody – see link in Blogroll at right) about all the cars he has owned.  I guess it’s a guy thing – I, too, can recall all the cars I’ve owned, going back to my very first – a 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne.

He went almost exclusively with small peppy and sporty vehicles, but just once indulged himself by purchasing a Jaguar.  I, on the other hand, stayed with large 4-door sedans – Ford LTDs, Chevy Impalas and Caprices, Mercury Grand Marquis’ and Ford Tauruses.  I felt much safer in a large vehicle.

But, I, also, once  indulged myself in a luxury vehicle – a new 1975 Lincoln Continental Town Car.  There were three American luxury vehicles back then:  Cadillac, Chrysler and Lincoln.  Chrysler was always in third place, deserved or not.  Lincolns were always very conservatively styled.  Cadillacs, however, were gaudy and ostentatious.  To me the Lincoln looked like “Old Money” and the Cadillac, “Nouveau Riche”.  The Lincoln was class.

I found this view on the Net.  Is this not the most beautiful-est vehicle you have ever seen?

Believe me, that was one big “Mother” of a car.  One would have to be standing behind the rear end of most cars in order to be as far from its front end as I was in the driver’s seat of my Lincoln.  You could almost set up housekeeping in the trunk!

The Lincoln actually cost more than the house I had purchased in a nice suburb of Baltimore, Maryland just three years before.  It was definitely in a “moment of madness” that I had purchased that vehicle.

God, how I loved that vehicle!  It was so powerful.  When I wanted to pass someone I merely had to tap the accelerator and it was as if I had one of NASA’s rockets in the rear end!  True, with its size it was not the most easy vehicle to maneuver – and it got only 9 miles to the gallon.  It was a true symbol of American excess.  Still, the three years I owned that car were special.

Why, if I loved the car so did I keep it only three years?  Well, in those days I had a compulsion to get a new car every two or three years.  I used to tell people that when the new car smell was gone, and the ash tray full, I started thinking about a replacement!

I did eventually grow up a bit.  I kept my 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis  until 2002, and drove a 2002 Ford Taurus until 2010.

A bit of trivia:  I have never owned a foreign car.  In fact, I have only driven one foreign car in my entire life – a rental Datsun in the early 1970’s.  I chose a small car to lower the cost.  What a mistake!  I felt like I was sitting in a matchbox and my rear end was almost dragging on the pavement.  Damn thing scared the Bejesus out of me!



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2 responses to “A Special Car

  1. Goodness! It must have been like driving an aircraft carrier – and to imagine everyone else had them too – those good old GIANT American cars. I wonder if, as cars got smaller, towns had to re-paint parking spaces smaller!!


  2. Ed

    Yeah,it was tough to maneuver. Actually, I don’t think parking spots were any wider back then. I remember the Lincoln pretty much filled in the spots width-wise. I was constantly in fear of people banging their doors against my car. Often, I avoided open spots because I knew I would have difficulty getting out. Funny thing, yesterday I saw a rusty old Mercury of late 1970’s vintage in a shopping mall parking lot. Next to the modern cars nearby it looked gigantic!

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