Back Home

I returned home yesterday after a week in Myrtle Beach frolicking on the beach (Well, not exactly frolicking, but still having fun), swimming in the condo pool,  strolling the boardwalk, playing miniature golf and stuffing my face at outrageously priced restaurants. I also took in a fabulous stage show with performers impersonating famous celebrities.  The performers looked and sounded so much like like the real ones that it was eerie.  There was no lip-syncing and the music was done by live musicians.  I got to shake hands with Tina Turner, Roy Orbison, Barbra Striesand, Liza Minelli, the Blues Brothers and Elvis!  Elvis and Roy looked quite good considering they’ve been dead for many years!

And I even took my five mile walks on four of the days, trying to offset the extraordinary caloric intake. But it is now back to the comfortable dull routine of my everyday life.

I was really disappointed that it took me 644 minutes to drive the 643.7 miles from Myrtle Beach to my house.  It was rather good time, though, considering that I had stopped enroute for (1) a mid-morning snack, (2) lunch, (3) gas refill and (4) a pit stop. Plus it took 155 minutes to go the first 135 miles because it was almost all two lane country roads and very foggy.   In Georgia , Smoky Bears were hiding behind trees with their radar guns, so I had to stay at 75 mph.  It wasn’t until I hit Florida when I could cruise at 80 most of the rest of the way.

Still, I so wanted to average at least a mile a minute for the trip.  I was in good shape when I left the Florida Turnpike less than 7 miles from my house, but I had to stop for three traffic lights and I couldn’t really hit 80 mph in heavy traffic on city streets!  😆

When I got to the turnoff into my street I was exactly at a mile a minute and I was temporarily tempted to gun it at 90 plus the rest of the way so as  to ensure achieving the goal, but I thought better of it.  Maturity can at times be a real bummer!

Here are a few more of the many photos I took while on holiday.

Little ones having fun are so cute.  I risked being attacked by irate parents to take this photo.  I held the camera at waist level while faced away, hoping that I would be lucky enough to capture all three in the frame.  Cropping and straightening with Photoshop enabled me salvage a truly awful shot.

The condo where we stayed.  We were in the unit at the far right on the 10th floor.  The end units are 3 bedroom, 3 bath apartments with the largest balconies.  Parking was at ground level beneath the building like the surrounding homes raised on stilts.

Looking down from our balcony.  I sure hope Bryan and Lynn’s relationship lasts longer than this message.  The rising tide soon removed it.

A fishing pier on the beach about a mile and a half from our condo.  I took this photo while on one of my long walks.  The sky was getting rather threatening and I had to hurry my steps back to the condo.  I made it just before the deluge.

An abandoned work area on the beach.

I’m afraid the sign maker will soon be looking for a new career.

I captured this on one of my walks.  That thing looks like an asparagus spear on steroids!  I’ve never seen anything like it.

Saw this on another walk.  I was fascinated by all the houses on stilts and photographed quite a few.


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