Yikes! I’ve Been Burgled!

I suppose if one lives long enough the odds are that he will be a victim of crime, minor or serious.  I doubt it matters a great deal where one lives.  Crimes occur even  in the most secure gated high-security communities.

I remember on my first day in phys-ed at college our instructor advised us that it was important that we always lock our lockers; that we should not be so trusting of our classmates.  He said that at a convention of ministers, priests and rabbis something will be missing from the cloak room.

Yesterday was finally my day to become a victim.  I’ve been burgled!

I left my house around 10:15 AM for lunch with two   former  colleagues and then to help one of them to E-file his Federal tax return.     I didn’t finish until around 4:00 PM, and being too lazy to go home and cook a meal I stopped on the way home at a restaurant, finally arriving home at 6:00 PM.

What a sight I returned to!  It looked exactly like crime scenes on TV and the movies.  My home had been ransacked.  One of the sliding glass doors leading into the house from the rear patio was smashed in with mounds of shattered glass inside and outside the house.  Every room except the front room and the kitchen looked like a cyclone had hit.  One or more ‘bad guys’ had rampaged through the house, pulling open dresser, cabinet and desk drawers and spewing the contents all over the floor; opening closets and flinging the contents every which-way; and even uplifting mattresses looking for hidden treasures.  That surprised me.  I never believed that people actually hid things under their mattresses.  I guess I was wrong.

I still haven’t determined all that was taken.  I probably never will know exactly.  A flat screen HDTV in my bedroom is gone.  So is my laptop computer and peripherals.  A few coins lying on my dresser top are gone, as well as three rolls and 20 loose pennies; and two jars  from a closet which had a few old coins and old paper money.  And – very odd – two letter openers and two nail clippers!

All in all, not so bad.  Except that the total loss of  around $2,200 is less than the deductible in my homeowners’ insurance.   😥   Ain’t that a bummer!

Oh, and the crime scene policeman dusted all over for prints – which he didn’t find – and I am left with the task of cleaning the stuff off of everything.  That is another bummer!  It is almost impossible to totally remove.  It turns into a disgustingly sticky black goo that clings to whatever surface it is on.  I spent almost a half hour trying to get it off my stainless steel kitchen sinks, and despite having to toss a pile of totally black paper towels and having to repeatedly scour my blackened hands there still remains a stubborn residue.  Why in the sink?  Well, the guy brought a bunch of things that he thought had potentially been touched by the thief, or thieves, and worked on them above the sink.  Grrrrrrrrrr……..

Four other things about this bother me.  First, I hate the thought that my home – my sanctuary – has been violated.

Second, and probably a silly thing, I am in a way offended that other possessions of mine that I would have thought a thief would eagerly grab were not taken.  There were three cameras and two video cameras, DVD players and recorders, watches, radios etc., etc. and my check book right out in the open, ripe for the plucking.  What up with that?  My stuff is not good enough?

Third, the ransacking of my house.  I definitely do not like a messy house.  I always try to keep things orderly.  One would hope that any self respecting thief would have enough pride in his work to clean up after himself!   😕  I’m sure I would.

Finally, the ultimate insult!  I found several of my underwear (briefs) scattered around in the rooms.  It appears that  he, or they, grabbed clean briefs from my dresser drawer and used them as gloves to keep from leaving fingerprints! Heeheehee….  If I weren’t so pissed off I would think that is hilarious!

Oh well, obviously things could have been much worse.  It is funny, though, that I had only been home a few days after having been out of town for eight days.  One would think it far more likely for a house to be broken into then, when there was no car in the driveway and no lights on in the early evening for an extended period.


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  1. Dave

    I agree-very odd occurence after the long trip. That makes it seem random or spontaneous. I also thought you had mentioned an alarm system…..

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