Little Things

Things are pretty much back to normal just three days after the burglary.  I’ve cleaned up all the mess in the house.  My sliding glass patio door was boarded up Wednesday evening and replaced Thursday morning.  I replaced the laptop on Thursday and the TV for my bedroom on Friday.  I am now $1,842 poorer and cannot claim any of my $2,200 loss.  Grrr………  I will be able to claim the loss on my 2011 Income Tax return, though.

I noticed just a few more things missing or ruined as I put my rooms back in order.  Little things – nothing very valuable in a monetary sense.

Everything on a shelf in one of the bedroom closets was swept off onto the floor.  I don’t know why that particular shelf was laid bare, while other shelves were only partially cleared.  Among the debris was  an old bible that had been in the family from the mid-19th century.  It must have hit the floor quite violently because the covers and spine were widely separated and the pages were spread all about.  There was no way to put it back together.  I located and tore out the pages on which births, deaths and weddings had been recorded and discarded the rest.

A small jewelry box of my Mother’s was completely emptied.  It, too, had not contained anything of great value other than sentimental – some clip-on earrings, a few bracelets, necklaces, some chains with crosses, and quite a few pins and broaches.  She seldom wore jewelry other than the pins and broaches.  Some of them were very old and may actually have been worth something – I never checked.

The main item lost was her wedding ring.  Funny thing, several times I had thought about selling the ring;  gold having greatly increased in value in recent years, but I could never get myself to part with it.  Now, somebody else will.

I also realized that over a hundred photos I had taken while at Myrtle Beach last week were still on the Laptop’s hard drive.  I had actually planned to transfer them to my PC when I returned home Wednesday.  I thought some of them were quite good – now they are gone.

I am still a bit pissed off but I don’t intend to dwell on the losses.  It is just not in my nature.  I’ve always been able to accept things and move on.  After all, what is done can not be undone.

I think of life as a journey, and every once in a while on that journey we get knocked down.  Sometimes it hurts a lot.  Most often  it is just annoying or embarrassing.  Occasionally there is a lesson to be learned.  But in all cases we have to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and start moving forward again. Someday when knocked down we won’t get up.



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4 responses to “Little Things

  1. naturgesetz

    So far, I’ve never had that sort of thing happen to me. The loss of valuables is bad enough, but the loss of things of sentimental value is even worse, I’m sure.

    As a colleague of mine once said, “What can’t be cured must be endured,” but it isn’t necessarily easy, even when you know that’s how it is.

    • Ed

      I’d never heard that expression, but it pretty much describes my attitude about life. What’s done is done. Take what lesson, if any, from the experience and move on. Dwelling on things changes nothing.

  2. Sethboyardee

    Whoah!! I better scroll back and read earlier posts. Sorry to hear about that – such a crappy thing to have happen 😦


    • Ed

      Yup! Sorta sucks, but it is just a minor speed bump on the roadway of life.

      Seth, I really enjoyed your vacation! Vicariously, of course. And I’m certain that as time passes you will realize that you did too. The little annoyances and frustrations will fade as such and reincarnate as amusements that will be fun to tell others about. I know that it is more fun to tell people about those aspects of a trip than about the touristy type stuff.

      Think of all the great things about your vacation. You got away from the job for a while – time to recharge. You had great shared experiences – time together away from the daily routine. You had some excellent meals in quaint neat places. You saw some fantastic scenery AND (as I turn green with envy!) you got some fabulous photos!

      *hugs* back at ya

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