Company Coming – plus 2 Short Vids

My nephew and his wife are coming to stay at my house this weekend.  They live near Tampa and come each year for the three game inter-league baseball series between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Florida Marlins.  I generally go to their place each year for the other three games.  As supposed natural geographical rivals the teams play each other six times each year, three games at each team’s stadium.  In reality, there has never been much of a rivalry between the two teams, even now when both teams are quite good.

Saturday’s game will also have fireworks and the Beach Boys will perform.  Well, of the original Beach Boys I think only Mike Love still performs with the group .  The other living members apparently perform with other groups.  Still, I’m looking forward to it.

Since I won’t be posting over the weekend and I haven’t anything exciting to write about, I’ve decided to post two short videos I took recently.  I always take my camera with me when I go on my 5-mile plus walks, and occasionally switch the camera to video mode to capture something dumb that interests me.

I was walking on Pines Boulevard, the main east-west road in the city and heard a siren in the distance ahead of me.  It was an ambulance headed for the nearby hospital.  I was pleased that my ears picked up the siren long before my camera microphone did.

A little further on Pines Boulevard I took this video from the overpass above Interstate 75, which runs from Miami north all the way to the Canadian border at Sault Set. Marie, Michigan.

Fabulous videos, eh?  😕  Hey, walking is boring.  Even looking at moving vehicles becomes exciting!



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2 responses to “Company Coming – plus 2 Short Vids

  1. Dave

    I find it funny that the cars are outrunning the ambulance

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