Picture Post

Some recent photos:

The World’s largest passenger carrying airship, the Farmers Insurance Group’s zeppelin was at Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines a few days last week.  Double click to see how huge it is compared to the vehicles underneath.

I went to three Florida Marlin games over the weekend with my nephew and his wife.  This is 21 year old Mike Stanton at bat against the Tampa Bay Rays – 6 foot 5, 235 lbs. and still growing.  He already hits as hard and far as anyone in the game.  There are many millions of dollars in his future.

Where I go to play.  🙂  Brian Piccolo, a local, was a professional football player who died at age 26 from cancer in 1971.  A 1972 movie “Brian’s Song” was based on his life and his relationship with his black teammate, the great running back Gayle Sayres.  A remake of the movie was done in 2001.

Sea shells collected  by one of the people I vacationed with at Myrtle Beach.  He intends to use them in some craft projects.

Sky writing over my house two days ago.  I am not sure what it means.  It is either “God is a unet” or “Ood is a unet”, neither of which makes any sense to me.

Fans standing for the 7th inning stretch Saturday night as long dead Kate Smith sings “God Bless America” over the loudspeakers.  Much sharper enlarged.

I captured this sunset tonight on my walk – weird looking clouds.


Bunch of baby bananas.


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