Last night for a few hours I permitted myself to again get very angry and depressed about the burglary.  After 16 days it suddenly dawned on me that both my high school and university class rings had been taken.

I’m not surprised that I hadn’t noticed their loss before.  Since badly jamming the knuckle of my right hand ring finger playing basketball over twenty years ago I’ve worn the college ring maybe only once or twice a month since.  It was very difficult to put on and could be removed only with very soapy water.  I hadn’t worn the high school ring at all since getting the college ring.  But still, they each meant a great deal to me.

I had kept the rings in a small organizer on my dresser where I would temporarily put change, keys etc.  The fact that the organizer itself was missing also didn’t register in my mind until last evening.

I’m not normally one to wish ill on others, but in this case I will make an exception.  I hereby wish each of the burglars a full month (the 31 day kind) of severe diarrhea, and may their hair fall out in great clumps!    😈  So there!!


Yesterday my pedometer registered 10,819 steps on my neighborhood walk.  Since February 21st I have taken long walks on 72 of 96 days.  According to the pedometer I have taken 735,377 steps in those 72 days, amounting to over 362 miles (about 580 kilometers).  That is just about the exact driving distance from my house to the Florida/Georgia border via Interstate 95.  Of course, I take many more steps every day that I do not measure.

I feel so much better since I’ve begun the walking program.  I’ve also lost weight and lowered my pulse rate as well as my blood pressure.  I’m getting concerned that I may not be able to walk tonight.  It has been very overcast all day, looking like heavy rain is imminent.  Occasionally a few drops fall and muffled rumblings of thunder can be heard from the direction of the Everglades.  If the deluge has not occurred by 7:30 PM, though, I will grab an umbrella and take my chances.


I went to the cemetery today to  visit my Mother’s grave.  In recognition of Memorial Day this coming Monday   tiny flags were placed by all veterans’ graves and larger flags lined the pathways. I took the photo at the right to show that many veterans lie here.   There is one section in the cemetery set aside specifically for veterans and every every grave has a flag.  Obviously, very few of them had died in combat, but I have noticed several where the ages of the deceased make it likely that they had.  What a terrible waste!  Throughout history so many millions of young soldiers and innocents have been slaughtered all over this world for God knows what purpose, and the only thing mankind has learned from all the carnage is how to kill many more at one time.  It makes one ashamed to be human.


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  1. Dave

    I dont care if a person is “spiritual” or not ( I happen to be) but common sense would dictate that there is payment for your actions. Unfortuneatley we dont get instant gratification on that and usually wont see it happen to the other person….but wouldnt it be nice 🙂

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