Absent Minded?

Every Thursday I do a wash of whites which includes the towels and washcloths from each bathroom.  Normally I do that chore in the morning.  But last week I decided to do it late in the afternoon after my 5-mile walk, so that I could include my sweaty stuff from the walk.

First thing upon arriving home I gathered the used towels and washcloths along with my sweaty things and other whites accumulated since the previous Sunday and started the wash.  Then I proceeded to the Master Bath and hopped into the shower.  Once I was fully soaked under the hot spray I reached for the washcloth.  I use a washcloth and soap for my face neck and ears only.  For the rest of me I use a nylon bath sponge and liquid body wash, which makes lots more suds and for more thorough cleansing from the rough surface of the sponge.  I always feel so squeaky clean using the sponge.

But the washcloth wasn’t there!  I had neglected to replace the towels and washcloths, something I have always done routinely – and the linen closet is on the other side of the house.  I was already soaked  so I continued my shower.

When I was finished I stood there in the shower for quite a while brushing off as much water as I could with my hands.  When I got dry enough that I wouldn’t be splattering water  everywhere I paddled to the linen closet and finished drying off.  Only when I was totally dry did it occur to me that I needn’t have gone to all the trouble.  So what if I splattered water all over the rug en route to the linen closet?  It was only clean water and it would just evaporate and not stain the rug.  Still, I was annoyed with myself over the episode.  I am accustomed to being more aware of what I’m doing.

I suppose what I did  could be considered absent minded.  But absent minded connotes inattention, whereas I believe what happened was instead total concentration to the exclusion of anything else.  From the moment I entered the house my total focus was on getting fresh and clean.


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