Picture Post

Here are a few photos I took a few years ago which I put on my Flickr site that have never been viewed.  In all I have uploaded 1,218, of which 1,102 have been viewed – several more than a hundred times, with the total number of hits as of today at 14,228.  To me that’s kind of neat because they have primarily been viewed as a result of internet image searches.

Butterfly at Disney’s Epcot Center

My neighbor put these scarecrows in her front yard for Halloween

Little guys playing baseball in nearby park.  Number 2 has certainly taken a huge lead off of 2nd base.  He’d be easily picked off in a game with older players.

Bird at Flamingo GardensI like the contrast between the red and white.

Rowboat adrift in the lake behind my house.


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  1. naturgesetz

    Not only is the rowboat adrift, but it’s in the rain.

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