Mail Boxes and Me

Monday morning when I went out to pick up my newspapers I saw my mailbox lying in the street about 6 feet from its post.  Someone must have hit it with their car during the night and drove on.

The box, which looks exactly like the photo to the left, except mine had my street number on it, was dented and  twisted out of shape.  The bar that it had rested on was loosened and wobbly and the part underneath that stabilizes it was broken away from the post.

For most people this would represent merely the need to replace the mailbox.  For me, however, it was  another chapter in my ongoing efforts to keep a mailbox in front of my house.  Since I moved in to my present home I have had to replace mailboxes often.

Two mailboxes and their posts were crushed by falling tree limbs during hurricanes.  One was hit by a driver who left nothing but a jagged portion of the post.  They obviously stopped and picked up the box and what was left of the post and drove away.   I can’t imagine what for.

Another time everything was gone!  Just a hole in the ground greeted me when I went out to get my newspapers.  That incident prompted me to secure the next post in a concrete base.

That replacement had been up less than a week before another disaster struck.  My neighbor directly across the street had a yard sale and some woman lifted something from a table and took off for her car without paying for it.  The neighbor started after her shouting. But the lady jumped into her car and sped away, clipping my brand new mailbox.

The mailbox was ruined and the support bar bent upwards and to the side just enough to make the replacement look sort of lopsided, but I wasn’t about to dig up the post and concrete base in order to install a new one.

This Monday I bought an entire new post kit and mailbox, but I just replaced the support bar and the stabilizer from the kit.  The new mailbox is even more askew and  less aesthetically pleasing.  But it’s going to take another hurricane,  mysterious disappearance or a more damaging collision to get me to consider total replacement.


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7 responses to “Mail Boxes and Me

  1. naturgesetz

    That must be really annoying.

    I’d be tempted to put something next to the mailbox that would stop a car, causing maximum possible damage, such as a granite column. But I suppose it would cost to much and be too expensive to install, so I wouldn’t really do it.

  2. Sethy

    Sorry Ed, I don’t mean to chuckle, but it’s almost amusing in a wry humor sort of way. Heheheh. Too much mailbox drama.

    I suggest you try having steel posts buried deep enough into the bedrock, and then surround the mailbox with what are called “Jersey Barriers” – those big concrete highway dividers. And perhaps some razor wire for effect?

    Seriously though, that really sucks but perhaps you ought to ask the mailman to deliver it to your porch or something to avoid further expense?

    Sometimes, driving on the back roads to work, I ponder the possible enjoyment of “mailbox baseball” which apparently was a popular teen sport in rural areas. But now I will certainly reconsider such activities, not that I ever would do it anyway.

    • Ed

      Yeah – it is funny. I miss the days when the postman came to the door. Actually, they still do in older neighborhoods where homes were built before the Post Office changed the rules.

      Regarding “mailbox baseball”, I have often wondered what I would do if I clipped someone’s mailbox. I’d like to think that I would let the homeowner know what I did and offer to pay for a new one. Actually, that is exactly what I would do; otherwise my Mother would come back from the grave and “snatch me baldheaded”, as she had so often threatened in the past. That would be painful!

  3. Dave

    It is funny- sorry. Your not the only American with that problem either. I enjoy the effects of physics and reactive engineering. I would give it a spring at base calculated to perfectly hold its rigidity until a car hit it there by flattening it and when there gone it shall return unharmed. 🙂 Would make a good hurricane proof setup too……

    • Ed

      You’re correct – it is funny – in retrospect. It is not so funny at the time it happens. Heehee……

      Your suggestion is brilliant! One could also use it as a sling shot! Alas, such is not yet available for purchase. Actually, after the next time (and I’m certain there will be a ‘next time’) I will install a very thick and heavy base as some of my neighbors have done.. It will not only hold up to impact but it will leave a lasting impression on the vehicle of the perpetrator!

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