Monday, June 13, was my half-birthday.  Hey, at my age making it through another six months still feeling reasonably healthy in both body and mind is worthy of some recognition!

A little after noon I went over to Brian Piccolo Park to shoot some hoops, then do my walk.  Days when I shoot hoops before walking are the only days where my legs complain.  After 30 minutes on the basketball court and over an hour and a quarter of brisk walking my legs begin to feel like lead and I have to force myself to maintain my pace over the final 500 yards or meters to my car.

Early Monday afternoon was typical for summer in Florida:  95° F (35° C) and very humid. Incidentally temperature is the only measure in which I absolutely prefer the non-metric.  In my opinion there is just not enough range in the Celsius scale, and it relates to water, not people.   The range from 0° to 100° in the Fahrenheit scale pretty much describes the limits of human tolerance. Below and above that range is truly extreme.  Further, for those who live in northern climes the frequency of below zero Celsius temperatures in winter can be wearing on one’s psyche.  Besides, 95° actually sounds HOT and 35° doesn’t.  If I’m told it is 35° outside I would be inclined to put on an overcoat and look for my gloves!

After about 20 minutes of shooting hoops I remembered that I had my camera in the car, and I decided to get it and document the fact that at 72 1/2 I was still capable of running around and jumping up and down.  I put it on a bench and recorded the final seven minutes on the court before my walk.  Of course, by that time, I had started to wear down a bit; jogging instead of running, walking instead of jogging, getting careless and not getting very far off the ground when shooting.

I was both pleased and disappointed watching the video later:  Pleased that I am able to move around pretty well for an old coot; disappointed that despite dropping 13 pounds and moving back two notches in my belt I am still carrying too much weight.  In fact, I don’t see an appreciable difference from before I went on my distance walking program.  But, I still have 10 to 15 pounds more to shed, so maybe it will be more evident then.  I’m very angry with myself for letting my weight get out of control.

Here’s an edited version of the video.  It’s in HD and took over a half-hour to upload.  If I had uploaded the full seven minutes it would have taken almost two and a half hours.  I’ve included it in this post to demonstrate that if you keep active you don’t necessarily have to expect steep physical decline when you become a senior.

Final comment:  Even tired, one should never miss a layup when one is unguarded ……… Grrr…….

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