Picture Post

I’m familiar with the saying: “Red skies in the morning, sailors’ take warning;  Red skies at night, sailors’ delight.”, but I have no idea what orange skies portend.  I captured this eerie sight one recent evening while on my walk.

 This photo was a test of the close-up setting on my camera.  I was really pleased with the result.  The little fellow is just a bit over two inches tall.  It is actually a bell. There is a little white pebble inside, about the size of a blueberry, suspended on a thin gold colored cord.  He’s one of my Mother’s knick-knacks that I don’t know what to do with, so I leave on shelves and occasionally dust.

 Not a very high quality photo at all, but it has a story.  While walking in the park I heard what sounded like a great number of excited birds engaged in spirited discourse in a huge tree straight ahead.  But when I got underneath the tree and looked up I discovered that it was just two budgies way up near the top of the tree.  They were actually being quite friendly, preening each other and rubbing heads together affectionately, all the while screeching loudly.  However, when I got set to take their picture they got quiet and posed for me!  Unfortunately, I didn’t compensate for the back-lighting and the resulting photo was so dark that the birds could hardly be seen.  Using Photoshop I was able to increase the exposure and make a few more tweaks resulting in this less than satisfactory result.  But the budgies had been kind enough to pose, so I decided to keep the photo.

A family of Muscovy ducks in the lake behind my house.  The little ones are almost ready to go off on their own.  They are well into the physical transformation from adorable little ducklings to ugly adults like their parents.

School bus – no significance.  I take my camera with me on my walks and take photos of most anything that attracts my attention.  The effect of our ongoing drought is shown in the grass in the foreground.  However we have finally started to get our daily heavy rainy season storms, so everything will soon be lush and green.

A bank near my house.  Bank architecture has changed since I was a kid.


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