Rain, Rain, Rain

At long last, after a winter and spring of extreme drought conditions, and weeks after it normally starts, the rainy season has begun here in South Florida.  We have had heavy rains almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day for the past two weeks.  Whereas for months my lawn could go for more than two weeks between mowing, now within a week it gets long enough for small animals to take up residence – baby ducklings almost disappear as they scurry through my yard.

I love it!  I especially love to drive in it, day or night.  Everything looks so clean when it’s wet. And the air smells so fresh.  I love the sound of it against my bedroom window when I first wake.  When I hear the rain hitting my front room skylights I often stop whatever I’m doing and head for the sofa in the front room where I will lie down, close my eyes and “…listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…”

But not all is wonderful about the return of the rains.

I have had satellite TV for the past eight years, which is terrific, but the picture disappears when it rains or the cloud cover is thick.  In the winter it is not much of a problem, but in summer and autumn it is an almost daily annoyance.  Every year when the disruptions start I decide to switch back to cable – but I put it off until soon it is the dry season and it is no longer a problem.  But this time I decided that I had had enough and I acted!  Yesterday, I arranged for bundled TV, Internet and phone service with Comcast Cable saving more than $80 a month over my current costs.  Woo Hoo!

The rain has caused another problem – it is affecting my walking program.  I have had to skip several days because of almost constant rain accompanied by thunder and lightning.  And often when I can get out to walk the humidity is oppressive.  Now, I don’t mind hot. Hot is OK.  Hot and humid is not OK!

This morning it rained constantly and heavily from 6:30 AM when I got up until 10:00 AM –  when I decided to take advantage of the lull to do my walk.  The air was so heavy – hot and damp.  I felt like if I grabbed a fist full of air and squeezed tight, then water would seep out between my fingers.  Within twenty minutes I was drenched with sweat.  I must have looked like I had fallen in a pool with my clothes on!  And I still had 70 more minutes to walk!

I am seriously considering rejoining LA Fitness and doing my walking on a treadmill indoors in air conditioning .  They also have a basketball court and swimming pool, sauna, steam room and every conceivable type of exercising machine.   But it is a hassle, driving to and from, bringing my stuff in a bag, changing in the locker room, showering and bringing my sweaty duds back home.  Ugh!  Or ….. I could buy my own treadmill.  Aah … Decisions! Decisions!

Edit:  Prints of the photo of raindrops falling can be purchased  here 



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4 responses to “Rain, Rain, Rain

  1. Sethy

    Happy you’ve got the motivation to do the excercise and activity – either at the gym or self-inflicted LOL – go for it!!

    *hugs* Have a good one

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